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Deer antler spray, how do i get rid of belly fat fast - .

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Deer antler spray, or deer antler velvet, has become popular among professional and nonprofessional athletes alike due to its reported health benefits, which include boosting the immune system and repairing or even building muscle tissue. If you want to try deer antler spray for yourself, you can find a wide selection of brands available on eBay. Deer antler spray first came under scrutiny when Sports Illustrated magazine reported that Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis used it to help him recover from a torn triceps. The instructions for how much deer antler spray to use per dose and how many doses per day vary based on the brand and the concentration of the spray, so you should consult the directions on the package before you begin using the spray.
Some deer antler spray sellers add other ingredients to their sprays, such asl-arginine, niacin, or tribulus. Deer antler spray sellers and manufacturers claim users can reap a variety of health benefits by using deer antler spray. Although many of these claims are unsupported, deer antler spray is also purported to improve sexual performance, increase fertility, reduce toxins in the liver, and treat osteoporosis.

While some individuals have reported experiencing an upset stomach after using deer antler spray, there are few known side effects.
Two years ago, the hoopla surrounding the Super Bowl was if Lewis had used deer antler spray. While there is not a wealth of data to support these claims, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have used deer antler spray for thousands of years.
Before using the spray, you should learn how to properly use the supplement as well as confirm there are no contraindications that might cause an adverse reaction. Though the by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) initially banned the supplement because it contains insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), the agency lifted the ban in May 2013, stating the amount of IGF-1 in the spray is minimal. While there is little scientific evidence to support the claim that deer antler spray, such as MaritzMayer Deer Antler Velvet Extract Spray , builds muscles, athletes are using the supplement in the hopes that it can provide them with a competitive edge. While these ingredients may help you build muscle or feel better, it is often a sign of an inferior deer antler spray.

If you are considering using deer antler spray for any of these problems you may want to start with a low dose to determine whether you experience any side effects and if the supplement actually helps you. He missed 10 games because of a torn triceps and denied that he had tried to obtain deer antler velvet, which contains substances banned by the NFL. If you want to add other supplements or vitamins to your daily regimen, it is best to purchase a pure deer antler spray and add the other supplements separately. Once the search results load, you can browse through the listings to find the deer antler spray that best suits your needs.
Failing to do this could reduce the effectiveness of the spray because the harsh acids in your stomach break down IGF-1.

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