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Deadlift workout routine for strength, most effective way to lose body fat - Try Out

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When I was a teenager I attended a gym and trained with weights just to get a beach body, good for impressing the girls. I was convinced to put aside powerlifting (apart from some sporadic competition for the bench press), and to dedicate myself only to bodybuilding, at the time considered less dangerous. One day (good stories always begin this way), after fighting my usual painful morning battle with my socks - I had to lie supine on the bed and, taking a sock to the mouth with both hands, I had to throw it forward, while picking up the thigh towards the chest in a desperate attempt to put my toe in the sock on the fly - I wondered what was the purpose of having huge chest and thighs, if I was not able to perform easy motor gestures that any child could do without any difficulty. I have obtained all these by inserting into my workouts, in addition to a good dose of joint mobility, olympic barbells, kettlebells and bodyweight exercises. The first week I workout exclusively with barbells and bodyweight exercises, and is entirely devoted to maximal strength.
Example: If on Monday I deadlift using the 5x2 scheme, on Wednesday I will use the the 2x5 scheme, and so on. The rule of 10 still reigns for the six major movements, this time following the 5x2 scheme. Fabio Zonin, Senior RKC, FMS, is a Master instructor for FIF (Italian Federation of Fitness) on behalf of whom he teaches throughout Italy in instructor courses in Bodybuilding, Fitness and Personal Trainer. Backed by immense popular demand, we’re finally going to sit down and review the revised and updated addition of Jonnie Candito’s 6 Week Strength Program. Without further ado, let’s begin our official review of the Candito Six Week Strength Program. For those who don’t know, this is the actual program that Candito uses to prepare for his powerlifting meets. In other words, for you natural trainees, this program was designed by a natural, for naturals, and it has been field tested and approved by Jonnie Candito himself.
In my opinion, this is the single most effective type of periodization for the intermediate trainee. Candito’s Six Week Strength program features highly intelligent variation in volume and intensity from week to week.
One thing that I really love about Jonnie’s programs is that, because he’s a natural lifter, he understands the importance of specificity for training economy. Now, Jonnie does include quite a bit of upperbody assistance, but a lot of it is optional and he doesn’t list specific percentages and weights for these movements. For a given five week period on this program, you’re averaging about 30-35 working set lifts on the squat.
The frequency is adequate, the bodybuilding nonsense is kept to a minimum, specificity is excellent, the program is designed to lead into a meet peak, you have the incorporation of rep ranges, the overload is in check, fatigue management is good, and, in general, you have a solid program made by a natural powerlifter for natural powerlifters. I use barbells, kettlebells grinds and calisthenics for strength and hypertrophy, and kettlebells ballistics for explosive strength and cardiovascular work.
Some of my programs are focused mainly on maximal strength, others on hypertrophy, others on explosive strength, but there is always some elements of recall for the other qualities. I use heavy kettlebells for ballistics, so I prefer to run multiple sets of 10-7 reps, rather than a single high-reps set. Some of the exercises I have chosen, such as the one-arm pushups and the handstand pushups, of course meet well with the pattern of sets and reps that I have chosen to use for my person, my weight and my strength.

First, I expect an increase in maximal strength, and since the fourth week I could comfortably deadlift 5x2 with 500 lbs, keeping some repetitions in the bank, it appears to be working. In his own words, more or less, all he had to do to create this program was sit down and formalize his own training so that others could use the template. In other words, this program has a solid pedigree as a legit powerlifting option for the natural trainee.
I’d highly recommend picking up a copy of the spreadsheet so you can see the specifics for yourself. In the beginning you focus on hypertrophy and conditioning with a healthy side of strength, but by the end you’re focusing on strength with a healthy side of hypertrophy and conditioning. While early intermediates may not need anything this complex, and may make progress faster on simpler routines, this will still certainly work for them.
Novices can fully recover between workouts, but no other population of trainee can manage this. You have intelligent variation in intensity and volume from workout to workout and week to week.
That said, I’m confident that this is still enough work for most naturals to make progress if they push themselves. This is one of the best programs I’ve seen out there for the intermediate drug-free, raw lifter.
If you’ve exhausted your linear gains, and even programs like the Texas Method and Madcow’s don’t really work consistently for you anymore, this is a truly solid option for you.
The book contains over 100 pages of content, discusses each scientific principle of programming in-depth, provides six different full programs for novice and intermediate lifters, contains a spreadsheet that calculates the workouts for you, and, best of all, the book is available for as low as… $0.00!
One day I visited a friend at an olympic lifting and powerlifting gym, and there I had the opportunity to challenge for the first time, an olympic barbell. I continued for some years training for powerlifting and bodybuilding simultaneously, so that, at sixteen, I participated in my first Italian championship of natural Bodybuilding. For a couple of decades, I devoted myself to bodybuilding (and collecting a myriad of injuries as well). Of course, after so many years of weight training, and despite the four disc hernias (one of them is cervical), the fracture in the D12, the bad shoulder and the semi-destroyed ankle, my muscle strength was still considerable, but my whole body was stiff as a solid block of concrete.
Today my weight fluctuates between 195 and 200 lbs (I'm 5.7 feet tall), my fat percentage is always below 8%, I deadlift 500 pounds for reps without the help hooks, wraps and belt, I can comfortably press the Beast (106lbs kettlebell) overhead, I can effortlessly do handstand pushups for reps and, above all, every morning I can put on my socks and shoes without pain. Keep in mind that now I'm not a competitive athlete, and my goal is not to prepare for a competition of something, but to be always in shape. The program I'm following right now, for example, plans to switch three different microcycles, each of which coincides with a week.
Since my time available for training is often limited, I execute the exercises in pairs, alternating a series of the first with a series of the second. If a person could, for example, easily perform 10 repetitions of handstands pushups, he should choose a different scheme of sets and reps from mine, or select a different exercise. Having put out my own program for free as well, I know the enormous amount of time, thought, and emotional energy that goes into such a release. In other words, this isn’t some typical, theory-spouting guru who has never even had someone try the program he is espousing, this is the actual program Jonnie has used to become one of the strongest drug-tested, USAPL junior lifters in the country; this is the actual program Jonnie used to qualify for IPF World’s.

Being a program designed for a powerlifter by a powerlifter, you can easily peak for a contest using Candito’s Six Week Strength Program.
In other words, you spend the first two weeks focused primarily on hypertrophy, improving work capacity, and building a base while in the last three weeks you focus on converting those hypertrophic gains and improvements in work capacity into actual strength PRs. During the muscular conditioning weeks, you’re still doing tons of work at 80% which will also improve strength. Typically, early intermediate trainees only need variation from workout to workout within a given training week. I obviously disagree, but the way that Jonnie has de-emphasized assistance, yet still provided an option for those of you who need to exercise your inner-bodybuilding fantasies, has given me ideas on how to improve my own programming to appeal to broader demographics. You’ve got a fantastic, intelligent mix of periodization and programming that will allow an intermediate lifter to run this method for a long period of time. And if you’re smart, you can even study RTS principles and figure out how to autoregulate the volume for yourself.
At this point, I am quite anxious to move on, but if I get a dozen people all asking for the same thing, well, you know I have to deliver for my subscribers and readers.
At the age of eighteen, I got my first back injury, a bad herniated disc that would bother me for years. Your generosity and appreciation make this kind of work possible for guys like Jonnie and I.
There are only three workouts and each is dedicated to testing where you’re at on one of the lifts.
For most natural powerlifters, pendulum periodization plus block programming is the best combination there is in my opinion.
So that’s why I vary my workout approximately every six weeks, each time giving priority to a different quality, while always finding a way to retrieve the others, in order to prevent them to regress. While I don’t think I’m ever going to rate any program as perfect, even my own programs, this is, in my opinion, one of the better programs we’ve looked at thus far for the natural trainee. In this phase, you’ll lift five times per week with three upperbody workouts and two lowerbody workouts. Nonetheless, if you’re a highly advanced lifter this probably isn’t a sustainable rate of progress for you. Overdoing the assistance is one of the most common reasons for novices and intermediates to “stall”. Candito’s 6 Week Strength Program, despite the name, is one such program that offers the opportunity for long term results. What I mean by strong is to be able to lift heavy objects of different shapes from the ground and bring them overhead with my arms fully extended, and have the ability to overcome the force of gravity, lifting and controlling the weight of my body in space, in various types of pulling and pushing.

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