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Deadlift routine for beginner, tips for low body fat percentage - Plans Download

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The deadlift holds a dual distinction: it is arguably the best and yet most often misused exercise in the gym. Most of the time, and with very few exceptions, it pays to lead off your workout with deadlifts. A lot of fitness experts will challenge clients to perform the deadlift as part of a superset or a circuit, which tends to limit how much weight you can (and probably should) pull.

Most of the time you should do the deadlift as a standalone exercise, working your way through all of your prescribed sets before moving on to another exercise. This is especially the case with newer lifters, who stand to gain more from the neural adaptations that the deadlift brings on. This lower-body workout pits man versus barbell for four heavy sets before finishing off your lower body with an array of other exercises.

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