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With three boisterous 6-foot-5 boys growing up in the Cudmore house, it got to the point where their dad gave up on home repairs. Oldest brother Jamie is playing for the Canadian national rugby team that is getting ready for the World Cup next month in New Zealand. His brother Daniel, right, is an actor and best known for his roles as Colossus in the X-Men series and the Volturi guard Felix in the Twilight movies.
For Cudmore, football was his ticket out of Vancouver and, perhaps, his ticket into Hollywood. Trust me, I did a sheet comparison during the 15 people contest and Cudmore DEFINITELY had over an inch on Challenger 15 accounting for the footwear. When you look at Cudmore standing it really is difficult to imagine he's practically the same height as Peter Crouch.
Cool - if cudmore appeared in the region of 1 - 1.5 inches taller then challenger 15 then i can't argue. Jimmy, i was scaling the picture of rob with challenger 15 and cudmore comes out a bit shorter.
Daniel has longer head than 15.And the angle of the photo makes 15 look taller than he really is. Rodman was barely taller than the 6'5" rapper from Goldie Lookin Chain on Big Brother and no more than four inches taller than 6'2" Callum Best.

I know #15 can look like 6'7-6'8 at first glance but the lowest you could argue for Cudmore is really 6'6.5". I was purely using the picture above and considering footwear disadvantage and comparing with challenger 15's picture and cudmore came out a fraction shorter but that's probably due to posture and you can't tell his true length by bit. If i didn't have rob's guideline of 6'7 and using challenger 15's picture, head length and general overview i would have put cudmore at a weak 6'6 evening time. The fact that cudmore has footwear disadvantage would make cudmore about the same height as challenger 15.
Rob is around his chin level, which would make cudmore about 6'5.5 - 6'6 taking footwear into account. First off, Rob is really 5,8 and change (not just 5,8 flat) and second my brother is 6,6.5 at night and beside a 5,8.5 guy he looks about the same! Jackman's posture isn't the best and Cudmore's is almost Stallone like but Cudmore actually makes Jackman looks a 6'1"er here. Yeah I can buy about that or 200cm but I cant see him as a flat 6'6" guy or lower, he looks a couple of inches taller than somebody of Ryan McPartlin's height, as you say Cudmore looks extremely tall and McPartlin a more modest "very tall". The man who has portrayed him in three X-Men films, Daniel Cudmore, has a similar origin story. His older brother, Jamie, is a broad-shouldered beast that makes his living playing professional rugby; his longer, leaner, younger brother, Luke, has also played rugby at the national level for Canada.

On Big Brother I thought he looked 6'6" next to the 6'5 rapper from Goldie Lookin Chain but with Hulk Hogan in that clip he looks near 6'8!! As stated earlier, cudmore is one head length taller then rob ie 9 - 9.5 inches plus shoe deficit. If the big guy is just shy of 6'5.5" Cudmore is pretty much around 6'7" as he claims legitimately. Cudmore does look more 6'6" to the eye here but I think the lowest he could possibly be in comparison to #15 is 199.5-200cm. My brothers are funny because they’re both professional athletes and so, they kinda just laugh. Even from an overall profile perspective, cudmore gives me 6'5 indication but taking account of footwear, a weak 6'6 profile man.
Cudmore could be 2 metres flat which is virtually 6'7" but for sure he's nothing under 6'6.5".

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