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When you want to get lean, ripped and cut body fat, the first thing you need to look at is your diet. You need to develop your own plan to suit your body type and food preferences, but a sample daily menu for cutting body fat could start with a vegetable frittata for breakfast, which is high in protein, healthy fats and fiber. While calories are the overriding factor in cutting fat, the proportion of these macronutrients matters too.

If you find you're dropping weight faster than this, increase your calories a little, or cut them back by reducing your carbs and fat intake if progress is slower than this. First, they go overboard immediately, drastically cutting calories and adding tons of cardio. The average person shouldn't cut calories by any more than 200 to 300 per day to avoid looking flat and flabby, warns nutritionist and bodybuilding coach Chris Aceto.

The Harvard Medical School advises that it takes roughly 13 calories per pound of body weight daily to maintain your weight if you're relatively inactive, or 16 to 18 calories per pound if you're moderately or highly active.

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