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Crossfit workout videos, how to make your legs stronger for running - Test Out

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Get ready to take your workout to the next level with Jessica Alba's CrossFit trainer, Yumi Lee. Previously we have done longer workouts that have had either many repetitions in them or lasted  longer in time.
During the summer, Karl offers one introduction session at Crossfit Sodermalm completely free for YLC readers. LATEST VIDEO:Top 10 Ski Conditioning ExercisesThese will help you rip up the ski hill with style.

This workout is excuse-proof: you don't need any equipment, and it's only 10 minutes long, but it will definitely get your heart pumping.
PT Karl Gullo from Crossfit Sodermalm will share with YLC readers one Crossfit workout per week, along with educational videos and top trainer tips!
No need to be intimidated by CrossFit either: Yumi provides level-appropriate variations for every move. We want this workout to be done somewhere between a 4 – 15 minute time span depending on your fitness level.

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