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Crossfit workout schedule week, good supplements to get cut - Within Minutes

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With only 8 weeks until the Rock ‘N’ Roll USA Half Marathon and no real plan, I decided to look online for some CrossFit Endurance-inspired training programs.
With this training plan, my weekly workouts will typically include 4-5 days off CrossFit, 3 days of running (using the workouts above), and 1-2 rest days.
Can’t wait to hear about these workouts, I am looking forward to knowing if it works out! If you click on the link in this post to the original training plan, I think it’s 12 weeks or even 16 weeks.

I actually didn’t have to look too hard because I stumbled upon Brian MacKenzie’s 12-Week CrossFit Endurance Advanced Training Program right away.
The longest distance that I will be running before the half is 9 miles along with two 7-milers (one this weekend with friends, which totally isn’t part of the plan, and one the week before the actual race). Just make sure you get all your strength workouts in, give good effort on the interval days and you are going to rock it! His plan is intended for triathletes with a mix of Crossfit and sport-specific training, so I just used the running part as the basis of my 8-week plan.

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