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Crossfit weight loss results, extreme deer antler pills - For You

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What a Journey it’s been over the past 60 days jumping in on a weight loss (body fat) challenge. My husband told me about how some guys from LABJJ were using CrossFit to help them get into shape for MMA fights. June 2011: I was extremely nervous the first day I walked into CrossFit Lake Charles, and immediately felt at ease when John walked up to me and introduced himself as I was walking into the door. Through my experience with CrossFit Lake Charles South, I have lost over 45 lbs, numerous inches, and gone down four jean sizes. I plan most of my days around crossfit because it has been my savior and has helped me to be me again.

I started CrossFit with two of my wonderful friends because I couldn’t bear the thought of not having our workout clan of ladies all together to exercise. Brice (13) has totally revved up his self confidence since starting CrossFit and Mary Cole’s support. The Awesome people at Black Legion Gear is sponsoring our very own Mark Stewart to go to the CrossFit Games, drop by there site and take a look at what they have to offer. Thanks to Aaron Bell, Josh Finley, and the rest of my CrossFit community for sticking with me through the up’s and downs of the daily growth. I had years of experience as an athlete and weight training, but over the years my lifestyle became sedentary.

On about my 4th week I noticed a major flat line of my weight loss, seemed it was a result of not eating enough.
The community that I have found with CrossFit has been so caring, friendly, supportive, fun, and of course competitive. Together and alongside the CrossFit Lake Charles South community (we picked John’s head many afternoons) we have fine tuned our bodies and diets that suited our goals.

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