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Workout 12.1 is a fantastic workout to kick off what may be the best CrossFit Games season yet.
As much as I wish I could combine Crossfit zeal with marathon fever, it’s almost impossible to focus on both.
I'm Ericka -- runner, CrossFitter, social media lover -- living my life as balanced and joyfully as possible in Washington, DC. The Top Female CrossFitter for 2008 is Caity Matter of Gahanna, OH, where she trains with Rogue Fitness.
After his stellar 2:08 Fran, Bionic from CrossFit Hardcore has been cross training hard (he switched bikes for the picture). Meanwhile, Omaha Ricky from CrossFit Omaha cranks out 100 burpees in 4:45 (he does 70 straight).
On the affiliate competition front, rumor has it that CrossFit Oakland is training hard to retain their status as top affiliate.
In case you missed it on the main site, we have a working trailer for the CrossFit Movie: Every Second Counts.
Bionic (Omar Torres) from CrossFit Hardcore in Boca Raton, FL finished 11th overall in this year's Games. In this CrossFit Movie Outtake, Sevan encounters Tony Budding rechecking the 2008 Games Master Schedule at 2:30am on Saturday, July 5, 2008, just six and a half hours before the official start of the games. Here is the final part of the CrossFit Movie Outtake with Caity Matter, 2008 Games overall champion.
Caity talks about how CrossFit fills the hole that was created when she stopped playing pro basketball, and how her training with Bill Henniger from Rogue Fitness desensitized her from pain. The CrossFit Games 2009 Affiliate Cup Challenge will start early on Friday, July 10th, 2009. In a CrossFit Movie Outtake, Sevan interviews James Fitzgerald (OPT) on Saturday morning (July 5, 2008) before the events launched.
Here is the second part of the CrossFit Movie Outtake with Caity Matter, 2008 Games overall champion. Caity talks about her love of training and competition, and how the clean is her best event (rumor has it that she has a 4:30 Man-Grace).
Justin Riley, co-owner of CrossFit East Sacramento, competed in the Games this year (44th overall). Caity, 25, is highly competitive by nature, and has found that CrossFit workouts are a decent outlet for that since she left pro hoops.

Fortunately, the Sevan the Great had selected Dutch as one of the athletes featured in the CrossFit Movie, so Dutch's entire workout was filmed. Maggie Dabe-Colby from CrossFit Fairfax during the Deadlift-Burpee workout from the 08 Games. Here, in a CrossFit Movie Outtake, John Welbourn talks about his experiences in the NFL, and how they relate to CrossFit, including what is was like to play in the hottest game in NFL history. In another CrossFit Movie Outtake, Josh Everett (2nd overall) talks about weightlifting (one word) in the US, and CrossFit's impact on it.
Check out C2's article in the CrossFit Journal on how to take advantage of the power of the Performance Monitor. Kallista wowed the CrossFit community with her unbelievable performance in the finals of the 2008 Games.
This interview is with Kallista on September 6, 2008 after a workout at CrossFit One World.
Here's another good-lookin' video from Von Ware, this time talking to rising CrossFit monster Kallista Pappas.
Tom Campitelli from CrossFit Oakland put together this slideshow of his pictures of the Oakland crew from this year's Games. Thanks to Mike Minium of CrossFit Oakland for this detailed list of not only who, but when they appear, in the slideshow.
I’m running a half marathon this fall, so my friend Abby hooked me up with a personalized training plan.
I told Abby that I wanted to increase my mileage and kick butt at my half marathon, but I didn’t want to stop CrossFit all together. I’m training for several races for the second part of 2013 (2 marathons and 5 halfs). I need to start putting a training plan together but I have nothing on the menu before october. Each week we get a mini cycle where we reset the intensity level, focus on training and let the excitement of competition settle in.
I remembered the joy and the pain of the training — and the absolute elation at the finish. My 6 months of Crossfit are almost over so I might take a Crossfit break, focus on marathon and then jump back into Crossfit after the marathon.
I still haven’t gotten a confident recommendation for Crossfit Endurance marathon training.

He's been training hard, and just set a big PR in Fran at 2:08 (28 seconds off his previous PR). He's a full time Fairfax County firefighter, one of the managers of CrossFit Fairfax, one of the traveling trainers for the CrossFit Level 1 certification seminars, and a father. In an interview after the CrossFit Level 1 certification seminar in Virginia Beach, Gillian talks about her experience at the Games, what she did to prepare, and what's different going toward next year. Tony Budding, is the source for many of the great photos we get to enjoy on the CrossFit site. Sevan and Carey are the evil geniuses behind this effort, and their movie will culminate with the 2008 CrossFit Games.
In the past, I struggled with balancing running, CrossFit, and rest days, so Abby successfully pieced together all of these different elements into one cohesive training plan. After wearing lightweight sneakers (Nanos) at CrossFit, I wasn’t a fan of regular running sneakers—they were so big and bulky! I’m training for my first half marathon, and I was looking at the Timex Marathon GPS.
The top 5 teams from these days events will then move forward to the Affiliate Cup Finals on Sunday morning, July 12th (prior to the Men's and Women's Top CrossFitter Finals). In this CrossFit Movie Outtake, Justin talks about his experience at the Games, how he started CrossFit, and his hopes (now realized) to open an affiliate. I was astounded a few years ago when a friend turned me on to EWG and now I make the smartest decision I can make for someone who spends a ton of time in the sun training (and living in AZ). I have a feeling once my mileage increases, I’ll need to cut back on my CrossFit workouts, but we’ll see how it goes. Be sure to relax and spend some time doing non CrossFit things but take good care of yourself, is going to be critical.
It is great to understand what your mind might try to do to you in the middle of a workout and have a plan to get through it.

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