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Crossfit tips 15.5, burn fat quickly - PDF Review

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Ideally, try to eat your post-workout within 15-30 minutes of completing 15.5, so if that means bringing it to the gym with you, plan ahead. Every single week has been a physical and mental challenge, and 15.5 is no different, with a descending ladder of rowing for calories and thrusters.
Steph qualified for the 2014 American Open in Olympic weightlifting, competed at CrossFit Regionals in 2013, and used to race mountain bikes and Xterra. The Rx Review is not endorsed and has no affiliation with CrossFit, CrossFit Inc or any of their subsidiaries.

Anthony Gustin is a sports chiropractor, functional medicine practitioner and a CrossFit and strength coach in San Francisco, CA. 15.5 is structured such that you’ll be gassed and working very hard for a long period of time.
If you can’t stomach a full meal right after 15.5, squeeze in some PR3, which has collagen to repair your tissues and coconut water powder to buffer electrolytes and aid in hydration. 15.5 is a full-body workout and there is nowhere to hide, so make sure you get some adequate recovery and a full night’s sleep if you plan on attacking the workout again.

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