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March 21, 2013 by Anne On Tuesday night, Matt and I made our return to Crossfit! I took last week off from CrossFit since I knew the big half marathon was coming up. Crossfit Tuesday 3 rounds at 5 stations, 1 min per station: AirDyne bike, double unders, pushups, KB swings, rest. I did an hour of cardio split between the stairmill and the elliptical, covering over 3 miles on each machine with a grand total just under 7. I asked Reebok if they’d be willing to let me host a gift card giveaway so some of you guys could check out some of my favorite products, too, and they said yes.

It’s crossfit inspired in that you do high intensity exercises for a short amount of time. Started with a HITT workout and strength training, followed by a hour long vinyasa flow, and then a hour of piloxing.
I love CrossFit because the workouts are hard and give great results (and I get a WAY better workout than I would on my own), but mostly because it’s fun. We’re still new to CrossFit Arlington but now that we’re starting to make some friends and recognize people, that makes it more fun, too.

If you’re looking for a good and not crazy pricey CrossFit shoe for lifting, I’d definitely recommend these!

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