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In my own opinion, you don't get a six pack from doing a workout, you get it from losing belly fat (i.e. During nap time, I decided to get in a little strength workout here at the house since we have most of the tools that I love. I love this workout tool, especially since it doubles as an awesome chair when you’re pregnant and gently bouncing to soothe your newborn. A great benefit of the physioball is the fact that it provides instability for basic strength training moves, causing you to utilize the small stabilizing muscles in your core.

The body weight exercises with the ball are amazing, a great way to be more creative in movement and for core strenght. I have a super busy day and was thinking I wouldn’t have time for any core exercises besides lifting my chubster dogs into the car! This workout really burned me out, especially the push ups (I'm starting with "girly pushups", on my knees), but I definitely lost some arm strength!
Keeping a strong core is critical, not only because it helps us to move functionally through everyday activities (bending over, rotating, walking!), but can also help improve posture and prevent back ailments.

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