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Core exercises for better posture, reduce belly fat in 10 days - Test Out

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In order to achieve great posture you need to be conscious of how you are holding your body and support your body to maintain this posture with core work, strength-training exercises and stretching. Find the ‘neutral spine’ position, by rocking forward and back until you find the most comfortable upright position.
There are different ways you can strengthen your core; Pilates and yoga are excellent workouts which target the core muscle groups.

In addition to you core muscles you need to consider the muscles supporting your spine that run along your back. However, with practice and resistance training exercise you can make good posture part of your normal way of sitting, standing and walking. One or two sets consisting each of 15 reps of exercises such as crunches, leg and arm extensions, planks, back extensions, wall and a variety of other moves on the balance ball will challenge and strengthen the entire body.

Another great exercise targeting your back muscles is rowing, which like swimming is full body workout.

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