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Complete kettlebell routine, diet food to lose weight fast - Reviews

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Since incorporating KB workouts into my regular strength training routine, my resting heart rate has dropped to 57 beats per minute EXCELLENT! In Pavel’s KB lifting book, he mentions Steve Cotter multiple times, so I figured I'll check out Steve's new book: The Complete Guide to Kettlebell Lifting. The Complete Guide is broken up into 10 full chapters covering the full range of Kettlebell lifts from upper and lower body, core and abs and many more.
BUT, when Ironmaster came out with an adjustable kettlebell handle, I decided to give KB training a try.Holy Crap, batman, this is a workout! He is involved with the evolving field of martial arts fitness and is a major proponent of the traditional Russian fitness tool, the kettlebell, as an exercise and strengthening tool.His book, Enter The Kettlebell!

Since this is a brand new publication, I could not find one Complete Guide to Kettlebell Lifting review. Every exercise instructional sequence is done in completely silence with the exception of two KB's clanking together. But, it would have been nice if Steve provided a few routine examples.ConclusionPutting the lack of routines aside, this is one of the best fitness related books in my collection. Every exercise is fully explained, illustrated and demonstrated, no wonder it took over one year to complete the book. Steve is also the Director and Founder of the world's most prestigious kettlebell and fitness certifying organization, the International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation, with certified instructors in every continent.His new book and DVD combo The Complete Guide to Kettlebell Lifting was exactly what I was looking for.

Steve not only demonstrates this exercise with bodyweight only, but then completes this with one KB, then two! Strength Secret of The Soviet Supermen and The Great Kettlebell Handbook have three workouts each.I guess the workouts were left out of the Complete Guide so you would have to buy Cotter's Extreme Kettlebell Workout DVD package.

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