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Close grip dumbbell press pullover, arm bench with storage - For You

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I remember posting about dumbell pullovers in a recent thread, stating that it is arguable whether dumbell pullovers actually do anything for the chest.
If you want to bring your inner chest out, add 4 sets of hammer chest presses to your chest routine.
FYI, there are other alternatives to narrow grip hammer chest press to directly target and develop your inner pecs. However, narrow grip hammer chest press will most likely yield better results concerning the level of isolation and amount of weight that can be utilized without disrupting the form.

I have a bad shoulder so pullovers weren't an option for some reason and I never tried more than once because of the pain. Estrogen shouldn't be needed to maintain an adequate blood pressure (especially when you're using test). Hammer chest presses are performed with a narrow grip, directly targeting the mid section of your pecs.
I had heard mixed reviews about the pullovers, but seeing how it had been a staple for years I added it to my routine and liked it.

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