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Close grip bench press triceps, best exercise for abs fast - For Begninners

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The close-grip bench press is one of the few compound (or multijoint) exercises for the triceps.
If your grip is more narrow than say, 8–10 inches, you need to spread your hands out along the bar. There's no other feeling like preparing for a large bench press, getting your mind and body ready, lying down on the bench and wrapping your fingers slowly around the cold Olympic bar. The plan outlined here is aimed at improving your bench press by at least 10% over a ten week period. By applying the above techniques, you will at least be able to add 10% to your bench press (Probably much more). If you want to boost your bench press by 10%, you're going to have to continuosly add progressive resistance. I think even the most advanced trainer can attain a 10% increase in their bench press, especially if you've never done a bench press specialization routine before. 3- The most important part of bench pressing is ensuring that you set up you pec girdle correctly. 5- Your feet should be firmly planted on the floor with your butt on the bench at all times. Here is the chest workout you are going to follow for the next 10 weeks for your "increase my bench press" routine.
The program outlined here, is designed to improve not only your bench press but to improve the secondary muscles that support the movement as well. In order to support a big bench press, you need a full body training program that supports a big bench press. Weight increments: Increase the weight for set two that allows you to perform the prescribed repetitions in good form. Weight increments: You should use enough weight that allows you to perform the prescribed repetitions in good form.
Now, in conjunction with this bench press program, your going to have to increase your calorie intake.

Good luck and remember to use this program whenever you need to add a few pounds to your bench press. Close-grip bench presses involves the top of all triceps, upper chest and front of the delta. To start close grip bench press put a bench under a horizontal racks for bars, so that when you lie on a bench a bar appeared to be strictly above your head. Your starting posture is lying on the bench, waist slightly bent and head, shoulders and buttocks pressed tightly to the bench. The main tip for close grip bench press is to perform it at the beginning of training the triceps, when your musclesv are fresh. The triceps have three distinct heads, the lateral, medial and long heads, and all three are called upon for maximal recruitment during the close-grip version of the bench; few moves will overload this trio of muscles better. Hit the close-grip bench press early in your triceps routine when your muscles are freshest.
It's the feeling you get when you pump the chest, deltoid, and triceps up, working the weight up and down. Lie back on the bench, take a tight grip and press your shoulders down toward your waist and back into the bench.
I seen this one guy use an underhand grip and the weight slid off his hands and on to his chest. Remember that when you do the bench press, the first muscles to give out are the delts and triceps.
Chest will be completed on day one in the program with delts and triceps being completed on day four. The shoulder and triceps workout uses core exercises to support maximum power and strength. You simply can't make the strength gains in the bench press by trying to get a six pack of abs.
It is essential to hold their breath while lowering bar and bench press, until the moment when you will overcome the most difficult part.

However, too many bodybuilders use a very close grip (less than 6 inches apart), thinking that the closer the hands are on the bar, the more emphasis is placed upon the triceps to do the work. The actual movement itself is pretty comfortable since you lie flat on your back and unlike the squat or the dead lift, your overall body strain is kept to a minimum. You will want to include movements like the bench press (of course!), incline presses, and dips.
However, research confirms that lifters who use a grip with their hands 6 inches apart or closer actually used no more triceps musculature than those who used a grip just slightly less than a shoulder width. The best alternative is to split the difference between a super narrow and a standard grip, which should fall somewhere between 8–10 inches. In addition, the close-grip bench press thoroughly ironed upper chest and anterior deltoid muscles. In fact, the only increase the super-close grip actually proved was in the amount of stress on the wrist and elbow joints. And after your multijoint moves, do isolation exercises such as pressdowns and overhead extensions to flush the triceps full of fluid.
As soon as the bar touches the chest, do not stop and immediately begin pressing the bar up.
Begin pressing the bar upward the very moment the bar touches the nipple area of the breast. Once the arms are fully straightened (upper point of exercise), paused for a moment and try to strain triceps as much as possible.

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