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Close grip bench grip, how to get low body fat fast - How to DIY

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The close-grip bench press is one of the few compound (or multijoint) exercises for the triceps.
If your grip is more narrow than say, 8–10 inches, you need to spread your hands out along the bar. When you go about performing your chest and upper body workouts, you’ll typically include the standard exercises of the bench press, the shoulder press, as well as bicep and tricep work. Very rarely do people consider what could be one of the most effective exercises to perform – the close grip bench press.
This exercise is unique in that it uses a much different hand position than the standard bench press and because of this, will work the muscles in a very different manner. Let’s take a closer look at what the close grip bench press is all about so that you can decide if this is an exercise you would like to include in your very own workout program. To perform the close grip bench press, you’re going to go about it in the very similar manner as you would the regular bench press exercise.

This means positioning yourself in the bench press machine with the back flat against the back pad and the arms up on the barbell.
Only, this time rather than placing the arms about shoulder width apart or slightly wider, you’re going to place them quite close together. Now, when it comes to adding the close grip bench press to your workout routine, you will want to add it after any bench press sets you’ll be doing but before any tricep isolation work.
Some people may choose to not perform the standard bench press at all, in which case you would lead in with the close grip bench press instead.
Doing the chest fly’s in addition to the close grip bench press will help you overcome this issue. The triceps have three distinct heads, the lateral, medial and long heads, and all three are called upon for maximal recruitment during the close-grip version of the bench; few moves will overload this trio of muscles better.
Hit the close-grip bench press early in your triceps routine when your muscles are freshest.

Since the close grip bench press does take much of the stress off the chest and place it onto the triceps, you may not get the degree of stimulation that you normally would.
However, too many bodybuilders use a very close grip (less than 6 inches apart), thinking that the closer the hands are on the bar, the more emphasis is placed upon the triceps to do the work. However, research confirms that lifters who use a grip with their hands 6 inches apart or closer actually used no more triceps musculature than those who used a grip just slightly less than a shoulder width. The best alternative is to split the difference between a super narrow and a standard grip, which should fall somewhere between 8–10 inches. In fact, the only increase the super-close grip actually proved was in the amount of stress on the wrist and elbow joints.

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