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Clean deadlift ratio, fitness 100 diamond bar - Review

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In the third place, looking at the deadlift, we again have different lifting parameters used by each type of lifter. It still should be remembered that even though Olympic lifters usually do fewer deadlifts, they still deadlift more in relation to their squats. If your ratios are that high, then you are over-achieving for your current absolute strength level.
Now, the name of the game is not to maintain the same ratio or else you will be forever chasing the same goal.
Too high a ratio of quick lifts to squats and deadlifts is often seen in novices and younger lifters whose athletic qualities are good but they just haven't had time for their absolute strength levels to develop.
Those who are not competitive lifters will not be as concerned about these ratios as those that are. I have discussed snatch and clean percentages in regards to squat and deadlift performances and given some figures to assist you in determining if your Olympic lifts are in line with your absolute strength lifts. Before exploring this further, here is a reminder of the previously discussed ratios again.

The four percent variances in the lifts and their further variances with regard to the squat when extrapolated to the deadlift reveals that a deadlift can be 50-68% higher than the squat.
On the whole, Olympic lifters are usually more ectomorphic than powerlifters, so they will be better at the deadlift compared to the squat. Such ratios show a potential for greater strength development, which could in turn lead to greater strength realization down the road. Although, an athlete’s ratio can be different and still be optimal for his or her primary sporting activity. While not specifically given in my previous article, it has been asked by some what the ratio of squat to deadlift should be.
If you increase the absolute strength of the leg and back extenders your snatch and clean and jerk will also increase in strength.
What this kind of ratio really indicates is that your training should include more of the snatch and clean and jerk technique work than would normally be the case.
For example, with CrossFit athletes where the total rep count is important these ratios go out the window completely.

If Olympic lifters attempted to up their records in these lifts and could use the powerlifters' tricks it is likely the ratios would change in favor of the squat. Track athletes, especially throwers, may want to correlate their power clean and squat with their length of throw. And, like the squat, the Olympic lifter will not usually be concerned with maxing out on the deadlift. And, as we have mentioned also, the relative training emphasis that each lifter places on the two power lifts will also influence the ratio.
If these ratios are within the above limits, strength utilization potential is considered to be ideally realized. Your coach may wonder how he got so lucky to have an athlete who gets such good results off a relatively small deadlift.

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