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Low back pain is a widespread affliction involving impaired functioning of the normal mechanics of the lumbar (low back) muscles, connective tissues, ligaments and joints, often causing pain and discomfort. Poor Posture – excessive lordosis (sway back) is the most common cause of postural low back pain. Tension – the musculature of the low back may be tight and inflexible due to stress and emotional tension. Muscle Imbalance- when the abdominal muscles are weakened and the low back muscles have to do excessive work, when the pelvic muscles are hypertonic and putting excessive strain on the pelvis resulting in malalignment of the pelvis. While Sleeping – lie on your back on a medium mattress with a pillow underneath your knees, or sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs to minimize the stress through the hips and pelvis. Acute Low Back Pain – sudden onset of severe pain with accompanying muscle spasm and inflamation. Chronic Low Back Pain – Recurring pain or pain which has persisted for three months or longer. There may a shift from chronic to acute should there be any occurrence that may increase the symptoms of muscle spasms and inflammation.
Pain in the lower back can either be short lived (acute) or what seems like a never ending issue (chronic).
Lower back pain has been the second most common reason for patients to visit their doctor and has been costing the American economy about seventy-five billion each year. Localized pain in your lumbar back is typically felt as soreness and discomfort and sometimes when touched will cause spasms. Diffuse pain within the lower back spreads to involve a larger area and is typically associated with an injury in deeper tissue layers.
Referred pain can be deceiving in that it feels like your lower back is in pain when in fact what is causing the pain is not the spine but an inflammation of an organ like your kidneys or your abdomen. A musculoskeletal issue can be acute and resolve within a few weeks however repeat acute injury can lead to chronic injury sooner down the road that is why proper body mechanics is important to prevent any type of injury.
Chronic lower back and leg pain can be more complicated when finding the cause of the condition but most commonly it is a result of disc degeneration that is bulging out of the spine and putting pressure on the nerve root. ReginaRain (9 Posts)I have firsthand experience of battling sciatica pain for over half a year before I found complete recovery.
If you too are suffering from chronic back pain don’t be disheartened as there are a lot of people suffering along with you in the United States. Nevertheless, more than any medicines, home remedies, certain exercises and posture tips can be useful to treat chronic back pain and alleviate its symptoms.
Chronic back pain is a back pain that is sustained for more than 3 months and is recurrent. Although, it may sound controversial, but most of the doctors suggest that until the back pain is really severe and does not allow you to get up, you must stay active and avoid bed rest.

There are certain yoga asanas and exercises that help you to remain active and lower chronic pain in the back.
Hot compress has proven to be effective in case of various pains such as abdominal pain during menstruation and chronic back pain. Back ache is a common problem and there are a few simple home remedies that can work well to reduce its symptoms and treat the condition. Eight out of 10 people in the United States will at one time in their lives suffer from back pain. Whether the pain is caused by injury or disease, focusing on the exact location will affect treatment. The cause for low back pain may be as simple as bad posture, incorrect lifting, the lack of appropriate exercise, and other lifestyle factors—from sitting improperly to poor work habits.
During your initial examination, the doctor will perform a series of neurological, orthopedic, and reflex testing to narrow the diagnosis to a specific location and cause of the low back pain.
Chiropractic care can provide a holistic, comprehensive treatment plan for low back pain, giving patients an opportunity to put an end to what can be a very stubborn type of pain and a considerable improvement in functional movement and quality of life. This reduced flexibility makes the individual more prone to low back injury and pain, and can be a result of everyday occurrences such as sneezing, coughing or getting out of a car.
Sleeping on your stomach increases the lordosis of the lumbar spine and puts excessive pressure on the low back.
If there is no lumbar support, place a small pillow in the small of the back to maintain the natural lumbar curve.
The pain may occur following an injury or due to poor posture, muscle tone or spinal alignment. Often people have lower back and leg pain from sciatica (sciatic nerve injury) that is felt traveling from the lower back, the buttocks and down the back of the thigh.
About 80% of people living in America will at some point in their lives experience severe enough lower back pain that will cause absence from work. These different symptom characteristics can tell your doctor or physiotherapist what to rule in or out as the source of your pain. This can be an indication of muscle strain from overuse or other soft tissue injury within the lower back. Typically an acute lower back injury is felt as local pain that comes on within 24 hours of heavy lifting or overuse of muscles.
Causes for chronic back pain may include fall, automotive accidents, arthritis, disc injury, and poor posture.
However, bed rest for a day or more is necessary to allow tissue injury to heal and get back to normal. External heat compress over the affected area or the back can reduce muscle tensions, facilitate blood flow and reduce muscle spasm.

Hot or cold compress over the affected area can be helpful to reduce the inflammation and relieve pain. Though the term back pain normally refers to low back pain, and is centered in the area known as the lumbar spine, pain can also affect the thoracic spine, with the pain focused in the middle back.
At least half of the people suffering from back pain, at any age, find relief in less than 2-8 weeks. This altered function of the normal mechanics of the body affects the muscles, tendons, connective tissue, joints and ligaments of the low back resulting in pain and discomfort. Massage Therapy plays a key role in low back pain rehabilitation by decreasing muscle spasm and pain, restoring pain-free range of motion, releasing active trigger points, minimizing adhesions, correcting muscle imbalances, and eliminating inflammatory by-products. Unlike, acute back pain, chronic back pain can take a prolonged and consistent treatment to reverse the condition and stop the pain. Often this condition becomes chronic, leaving an estimated 5.4 million Americans disabled by lower back pain. Back pain can be also be categorized as sciatica, an indication that the pain is radiating into the legs possibly even below the knee. Apart from these home remedies, if your back pain is severe, you should consult your physician to seek medicines such as pain killer and muscle relaxants to relieve back pain. Sciatica is associated with a herniated disc than can result in severe leg pain due to the pinching of a nerve in the lower back.
Treatment of low back pain varies depending on the individual needs of the person and whether the condition is acute, sub-acute or chronic.
The encouraging news is that back pain can be prevented, or treated with effective methods of chiropractic and rehabilitative therapies.
Typical lower back and leg pain however is most likely a result of disc herniation (bulging) and will be treated properly with the help of a physiotherapist.
Because 90 percent of all back pain is mechanical, less than 5 percent is caused by nerve root pain, chiropractic offers the most efficient solution in treating this ailment. Even chronic pain lasting longer than 3 months, might not require surgery if treated properly. There are numerous clinical studies proving that chiropractic care (lumbar mobilization) is a safer, more effective and more efficient form of low back pain relief than medical intervention and physical therapy alone.

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