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Literally translated, angina pectoris (usually referred to as angina) means “pain in the chest.” Angina occurs suddenly when extra exertion calls for the arteries to increase blood supply to the heart. Nursing Alert Angina pain that lasts for more than 15 minutes is considered an MI until proved otherwise. Nursing Alert The location and severity of pain caused by an MI can vary greatly Females, diabetics, and the elderly can present with symptoms, such as back pain, jaw pain, right arm pain, indigestion, nausea, fatigue, dyspnea, and even no pain. Because of this, blood collects in the chambers of the left side of the heart, enlarging them and leading to a backup of blood in the pulmonary vessels, which causes pulmonary edema. It is characterized by pain in the precordial area (over the heart and lower thorax), which is aggravated by breathing and twisting movements. Pain is usually most severe over the chest, although it may spread to the shoulders, arms, neck, jaw, and back (Fig. The usual distribution of pain is referral to all or part of the sternal region, the left side of the chest, the neck, and down the ulnar side of the left forearm and hand. Typically, but not in all cases, an MI begins suddenly, with sharp, severe chest pain that sometimes radiates to the left arm, shoulder, and back. Individuals complaining of chest pain should be evaluated promptly, with the goal of preventing further damage to the heart muscle. Cardiac enzyme levels were obtained revealing a myocardial infarction (anterior wall of the left ventricle). Unstable angina is pain that increases and decreases in frequency, duration, and intensity. The person is more likely to feel pain in the left arm, because this is the direction of aortic branching.

With severe ischemic pain, the right side of the chest and right arm are often involved as well, although isolated involvement of these areas is rare. Pain is similar to angina pain, but can last longer and is more severe; exertion is not always related to onset. Using a pain rating scale aids in quantifying the client’s pain and provides a means for evaluating relief measures.
Other sites sometimes involved, either alone or together with pain in other sites, are the jaw, epigastrium, and back.
Abnormal heart rates and rhythms in the person with a recent MI often indicate that the left ventricle is pumping inadequately. Intravenous (IV) morphine was given with relief; pain currently rated as 2 to 3 on a scale of 1 to 10.
Rationale: Morphine is an effective analgesic for chest pain, but it is a central nervous system depressant that can cause respiratory depression. That is why it is important not to ignore your chest pain, especially if you are not sure about the causes of the pain. Topical nitroglycerin ointment or nitroglycerin-impregnated transdermal pads are widely used to protect against anginal pain and promote its relief (see Table 81-1). Because an MI may imitate indigestion or a gallbladder attack with abdominal pain, definite diagnosis is often difficult. Rationale: Hematuria, pain, or impaired circulation in an extremity might result from a blood clot originating in the diseased valve. It may occur for hours or even lasts within a few minutes.What Causes Chest Pain Left SideCauses Chest Pain Left Side Chest pain under left breast is one in all the foremost common complaints which will bring a normal patient to the department of emergency.

Oxygen is administered by cannula or mask to assist with breathing and improve oxygenation, thereby relieving pain. Seeking immediate medical care could also be rescued, and sizable public education has also been undertaken to induce patients to access medical aid once pain strikes. Whereas the patient could also be troubled a few heart failure, there are several different causes of pain within the chest that your health care skilled professional can get to take into account. This pain is basically confined to the area which can feel sore if it is pressed.Symptoms of Chest pain Left SideThere conjointly are classic shows of signs as well as also symptoms for several diseases however they will also gift untypically and there might also be important overlap among all the symptoms of every condition. It is difficult to know the real causes of pain without seeing you a professional physician or doctor. A number of different anti-inflammatory medications like narcotic as well as ibuprofen medications are used to control pain and allow deep breaths.
If you want to go to the hospital, a doctor will examine you as well as also run some tests to see whether your chest pain is from a heart attack or even from other causes. The normal tests that can include are blood tests, chest X-Ray and ECG.When to Seek Medical AttentionNot all type of lest side chest pain is serious.

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