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In fact, a high-carbohydrate cheat meal not only causes less body fat storage than a high-fat cheat meal, it comes with additional diet-related benefits as well.
You now know that a high-fat cheat meal is a bad idea, but you can make it even worse by adding alcohol. I had a cheat meal yesterday, I weighted myself on Friday morning, 143.5 lb, now today after an entire small pizza I ate by myself lol I weight 142.4 lb!

My favorite cheat meal is a huge bowl of vanilla almond granola with almond milk and a banana.
If you get too crazy with your cheating, however, you can gain it right back (and more!) over a weekend. After that, I like to relax on my couch watching TV and have a few snacks, an stead of having a big meal.

Usually it’s something like bread and cheese, trail mix, nuts, or a few cookies (my weakness).

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