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Cheat day dieta, 6 min workout - How to DIY

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Ideally, it would be a good idea to split up your cheat meal and your rest day so they don’t coincide. Istnieje rowniez nieco skromniejsza wersja oszustw zwiazanych z podjadaniem, zwana cheat meal. Jezeli boisz sie, ze wprowadzajac do swojej diety dzien wolny od jej przestrzegania, szybko jej zaniechasz, sprobuj rozsadnie podejsc do tego wyzwania.
If it is only the calories burned during your workout that take you below maintenance levels then you need to reduce calories further on a rest day – in the form of omitting some carbs. W trosce o zgrabne cialo poddajemy sie roznym restrykcyjnym dietom, zapominajac, ze czasem mozemy sobie pozwolic na male zywieniowe grzeszki. Cheat day w doslownym tlumaczeniu oznacza dzien oszukiwania i polega na zrezygnowaniu z przestrzegania diety w jednym, okreslonym przez ciebie dniu. Polega ona na zjedzeniu (rowniez raz w tygodniu!) wylacznie jednego posilku, ktory trudno nazwac dietetycznym.

Male odstepstwo od surowej diety nie spowoduje wzrostu wagi, o ile nie zaniechasz regularnych cwiczen i w pozostale dni twoje menu nie bedzie az tak odbiegalo od ustalonego na poczatku odchudzania rygoru.
In keeping with this, have your cheat meal on a day when you’ve had a particularly heavy session.
This is partly because you want to stay well away from the realms of muscle wasting, but also because being in too much of a calorie deficit will only leave you feeling energyless and lethargic at best, which totally defeats the object of a rest day anyway.
Leg day for example, since you’re likely to burn more calories on this day than any other, not to mention needing more to help fuel the recovery process.
That message being that diet is just as important, if not more important, than training – and that’s every day of the week, not just training days! The aim is to get in some valuable recovery you can hit the gym the next day feeling revitalized.
Don’t go crazy on a carb drought though, you need them to fuel the muscle repair that will be occuring and you want to keep glycogen levels nice and high for the next days training.

That way you’ll be less likely to cheat again, and your cheat meal won’t turn into a cheat day!
After all if we had a full cheat day every week, that would constitute almost 15% of our lives (provided we start lifting from birth and don’t stop until death). For example, if you eat 500 calories above maintenance on a training day, drop it down to around 200-300 above for rest day.

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