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SLIDESHOW INTRO: As of June 14, 2013, according to IMDb, there have been 175 various incarnations of the Man of Steel.
1940: At the 1939-40 New York World's Fair (for which, yes, read Doctorow's novel), actor Ray Middleton was hired to play the Man of Tomrrow at a special Superman Day. 1941: A year later, the Fleischer Studios, which had created Betty Boop and Popeye cartoons in the 1930s, put together 17 Superman shorts that still hold up. 1951-1958: George Reeves was the second actor to play Superman on screen, and he lost both the spitcurl and the enthusiasm. 2013: He's got no spitcurl, he's British, but Henry Cavill makes a helluva Superman in David S. Henry Cavill gets into character as Superman with Amy Adams as Lois Lane as they film in costume on the set of the new movie “Batman vs. My favourite thing about Cavill in Chicago is a Trib reporter saw him walking his dog down Michigan and asked him for a pic and then posted it on instagram (tribluis).

This was the first time a man had ever played Superman and he doesn't look bad for a first go. But despite the success of a campy Batman that year, a campy Superman didn't really take off. In the comic books, which I was reading regularly at this point (I was 10), there was a scene in which a subway is about to run over a commuter and Superman stops it. Odder still: Clark shows up in Metropolis without having conceived of the notion of Superman, let alone the maskless costume, yet Clark is already wearing glasses.
That baby grew into Tom Welling in one of the more imaginative reboots of the Superman franchise. Jack Cassidy, father of David and Shaun, starred as the villainouse Max Mencken, a fellow reporter who wants to bed Lois and unmask Superman. It didn't quite work, the Jesus metaphor was overdone, and Brandon Routh looked too young to play Superman; but he wasn't bad.

Reactions about the movie have been mixed, from both non-fans and fanboys alike, but Cavill is mostly getting praise.
I can understand Ben Affleck bulking up, because it make sense for the character, but Superman doesn’t really need it. Superman's powers have been clipped a bit (he can't toss around planets like medicine balls), his Clark Kent is no meek, mild-mannered man, and Lex Luthor is a billionaire industrialist rather than an evil scientist.

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