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Cast of black sails, 6 pack abs workout at home video - Review

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Luckily for all of us, Starz’s crazy fun pirate drama, Black Sails, is set to return this weekend.
The cast of Black Sails started streaming on the Starz website as of 9pm PST, January 17th, more than a full week ahead of the network's air date of January 25th at 9pm. Fantasy and Historical novels have something in common: they often have a large ensemble cast of at least a dozen main characters, with up to hundreds of secondary characters. Today I’d like to give a few pointers about writing a large cast of characters who are all in the same place and are forced to constantly interact. Black Sails introduces us to a cast of 11 main characters and more than 30 (named) secondary characters. In Black Sails, Eleanor Guthrie is one of the key characters, and she ticks all the above boxes: her speech, her clothes, her hairdos, her goals and her story arc are completely specific to her and she can’t be confused with any other character.

The characters in Black Sails can roughly be put into 3 groups: one led by Captain James Flint, one led by Eleanor Guthrie and one led by Captain Charles Vane.
At the end of the first episode of Black Sails, I couldn’t tell you more than a couple of characters’ names.
Having a large cast of characters is a golden opportunity to introduce characters with diverse cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds, from different age groups, with various sexual orientations or with disabilities. With a large cast of characters, it’s important that each one is fully fleshed out, with qualities and flaws.
My final advice when writing a large cast of characters is to remember to show them to the reader, not tell the reader about them. In Black Sails, Long John Silver is a good example of a character we aren’t told much about.

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This is a wonderful overview of the show, and such good advice about composing a large cast of characters. Although GoT does have a large ensemble cast, it circumnavigates some of the challenges of writing a large cast because all the main characters are in separate places.
I tend to be okay writing a large cast of characters, but I find it difficult to decide who should get their POV chapters when.

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