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Cardio boxing dvd workouts, exercises to get a six pack in two weeks - How to DIY

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Balanced Boxing details how to incorporate meaningful balanced intervals on the beam with traditional and non-traditional kickboxing exercises. The DVD outlines a unique way to challenge exercisers to find better form, all while obtaining an incredible workout.
Furthermore, the speed at which many of these classes are conducted is inhibiting the form of the participants, which compromises the benefits they receive from their workouts.

Authentic Cardio Boxing explains how to add these skills to the list of cardiovascular benefits provided by engaging in an aerobic workout. Long before boxing and kickboxing became buzz words in the fitness industry, real boxers were shadowboxing to music in an effort to improve their levels of rhythm, timing, agility, and speed. The DVD details how to get back to the authentic fundamentals of pugilism by learning to perform actual boxing techniques that are derived from the ring, thereby adding a shot of adrenaline to an organization's cardio workouts.

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