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Carbohydrate rich foods, body fat burning diet - Reviews

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It is tough to give definition or meaning of carbohydrate yet we can describe it through its classification and functions. The key function of carbohydrate is to provide fuel or energy to the body, especially the nervous system and the brain. So now you know about carbohydrates, its types, classification, and sources that can give you instant energy or can keep you energized for long.

Among all the constituents of food: macronutrients and micronutrients, carbohydrate is the prime source of energy. Formed of just one or two molecules of sugar, simple carbohydrates are digested and absorbed rapidly. Take it as an alarm to ensure that your diet involves sufficient sources of carbohydrate or not.

This is one of those nutrition articles that will give you a complete guide and knowledge on carbohydrate food list through examples of various types of carbohydrate rich foods.

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