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Calories burned weight lifting calculator, exercises to get rid of belly fat in a week - Try Out

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I explained most of this decision in the previous article, but I want to take the time to show you how I came up with my daily calorie intake target. The calculator estimates that my body needs 2820 calories in order to maintain my current weight.
It’s really a simple process, just go to the site and enter in your information and you will get an estimate of the number of calories that you burn in a day. Instead of following their recommendations exactly, I am just going to shoot for a 500 calorie deficit; which will put my daily calorie target at 2320.

When you are entering your calorie goal into your tracking software, remember that since you’ve incorporated your exercise into the calculation youshould not enter it into your software!
I’ve been using MyFitnessPal, but their tool for determining the optimum number of calories is kind of basic. So the other day I told you guys that I was going to increase my calories in order to fight through a plateau. Note that they consider shorter workouts that are extremely intense (such as lifting with heavy weights, or high intensity interval training) to be intense exercise as well.

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