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Cable pull through, supplements to gain muscle and stay lean - Reviews

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Cable pull-throughs not only teach you how to activate your glutes properly, but they are the perfect stepping stone to mastering deadlifts.
Execution: Allowing your legs to bend only slightly, push your hips backwards until you feel a gentle pull in your hamstrings. When you are performing the exercise, you may allow your hands to pass between your legs in the bottom position but all of the movement must come from your hips – do not use your arms to pull the rope forward as you return to an upright position.
I even had a 64-year-old client doing them, and she started giggling half way through her set.
No problem Definitely try some glute bridges, pull-throughs and straight-legged deadlifts to work on your hamstring activation.

I haven’t tried a cable pull through, but given my dislike for deadlifts, I think it would be a great way to exercise my glutes. 3) KEEP YOUR REST PERIODS fairly short a minute between each set will suffice and move through this circuit at a brisk pace. Get Ready: Face away from a low-pulley cable station with your legs spread, knees bent and feet turned out slightly. It wasn’t until I started regularly performing cable pull-throughs and glute bridges that I realised how little my glutes were actually being activated. Pull-throughs teach you how to hinge the hips properly, which is an essential part of deadlifting correctly.

If you have never deadlifted before, I would recommend starting with cable pull-throughs and then moving on to straight-legged deadlifts before attempting conventional deadlifts. Try again, focusing on feeling the stretch in your hamstring and then pulling from your hammies to return to standing. The only way I can truly make them understand the correct feeling is by having them perform exercises such as glute bridges and cable pull-throughs.

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