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Cable pull downs chest, gym headphones india - For Begninners

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Hammer pull-downs 4 sets; 8 drop-15 reps I like keeping my hips forward a little bit on the Hammer pulldown. That way I can stick my chest nice and high and take the lats out of it and hit the upper back; hit all the little upper back muscles.
You're seated and there's a pad in front of your chest and you can adjust the length of it, and that way you can get a really good stretch.
The pad sort of pushes on your chest making sure you're not able to go forward with your lower back.

The angle it comes down on is prefect because it comes in a little arc which starts high and then comes toward your lower lat. It is very similar to a dumbbell row except you are using both arms and it keeps your chest from going forward. And then when you pull the dumbbell up you are able to twist the opposite way and get even more of a squeeze on the lower tie-ins.
The first one, the most common one, is to pull the wide-grip to your chest which gets the overall back and gets the blood flowing in it.

A lot of people do shrugs with it but I like to use it and get a wide grip and lean over and get a nice lift, and I can get my back involved similar to a deadlift but with a wide grip and a little more range of motion than a deadlift because I am able to take it up higher and the arc of it is great because you get that squeeze that you can't get with a regular barbell deadlift so I am able to come up a lot higher and still have the force come straight rather than up and down.

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