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Cable lateral raise alternative, how get abs - PDF Review

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Step 2: Make sure the cable is running behind your legs, which will automatically draw your hand behind you a few inches. Because the cable lateral provides such unique tension throughout the range of motion, a close counterpart would be the lying dumbbell lateral.
Cable Side Laterals- Side cable laterals will work your side delts in a different manner than doing them with dumbbells.
Ez-Bar Front Raises- doing front raises with the ez-bar will allow you to change hand positions to hit the front delts from different angles.
Grasp the handle with your outside hand and take half a step forward and away to ensure tension in the cable.
For balance, your non-working hand can rest on your hip or on the post of the cable machine. Because the cable runs behind you, your arm will automatically trail a few inches behind your hip.
Because your hand is behind you, this version of the lateral helps best target the middle head.

Reach behind your back as if you were about to perform a behind the back cable lateral raise.
While this technically isn’t an error, by slightly changing the angle of pull, in this instance allowing the cable to run behind your back, you work the middle delt in a slightly different manner, meaning better overall stimulation.
Keeping the raised leg and as straight as possible, increase the tension on your hamstrings by pressing your hips down and trying to touch your face to your knee.
To get a good contraction on front raises, hold the dumbbells for 2 to 3 seconds on the top of the movement to stress the delts. The best part is that the free-weight alternative is going to almost always be far superior than the machine movement. I will list the alternatives to keep the delts guessing, so they will always grow from doing the new exercises.
I intend to show alternative exercises to commonly used machines that have less subtle alternatives for those lifters who may be new or just not be as experienced as others. On the other hand, I will still avoid listing machine exercises that have extremely obvious free-weight alternatives.

Seated Cable Row Alternative Exercises (Back) The seated cable row machine is one of the few machines I like. Plate loaded cable machines typically do a pretty good job of replicating a natural movement without restricting range of motion like isolation machines do.
Pec Deck Machine Alternatives (Chest) The Pec Deck is a chest isolation machine meant to replicate flyes. Movements like the overhead press, military press, lateral raises, dumbbell shoulder press, and so forth do not put any significant strain on the posterior head, and this creates a huge imbalance in the shoulders.

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