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Almost everybody has heard that there’s 3500 calories in a pound of fat, so if you create a negative energy balance of 3500 calories in a week, you lose a pound of weight.
Vegetable juice fasting and green smoothie diets have exploded in popularity in the past few years. A Shocking Expose of the 12 Biggest Scams, Cover-ups, Lies, Myths and Deceptions in the Diet, Supplement and Weight Loss Industries!
It’s hard to believe that these before and after pictures were taken only 49 days apart! Now looking at the after pictures, it’s amazing to see what changes you can make to your body in just 49 days by following the Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle program! Before I started Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, I had just given birth 4 months prior and was feeling terrible. After seeing all the other ads online, I was skeptical, but after researching Tom Venuto and the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle program, I could not find one bad review on the entire Internet!
I realized that this is really just a matter of wanting it bad enough and learning to stop making excuses, especially when it comes to making the time for working out. So I strapped my 2 year old to my back and would do cleaning around the house with him on board. Download the official Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle podcast (MP3 audio download).  In this audio, I talk about the fat loss nutrition, training and motivation principles in my new book, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.

In the past year, I noticed at least four best-sellers that claimed you could lose 7 pounds in 7 days, 10 pounds in 10 days, 14 pounds in 14 days, or even 30 pounds in 30 days. The letter is from the 46-year-old Tom of today, a grizzled veteran, with 25 years in the sport, lifestyle and business of bodybuilding and fitness. You’re waiting for it—for a pill that fills your being with a river of flowing motivation and the glorious desire to excel.
It’s even more amazing when you hear that Cynthia is a mom of 5 with one of the busiest lifestyles you can imagine.
I read some the posts Tom wrote about Hurricane Sandy about how to work out at home because it wasn’t possible to go to the gym (or the gyms were closed).
I did squats with my 6-year old on my back, and I walked around the house with my baby in a strap-on carrier. That’ is my Burn the Fat Journey and that is why I felt I deserved to win the Burn the Fat Challenge and the trip to Maui… and I did! Unfortunately, despite years of discussion and debate about the best way to do it (or whether to do it at all), it appears that the ideal way to incorporate cheat meals into your diet plan without sabotaging yourself hasn’t gotten any clearer. He mentioned the workouts he did (in the staircase, with body weight, or even using heavy boxes for weights).
I made sure when I went to the store to park far away, so I had to do more walking, and the list of how I got more day-to-day activity goes on.

She represents the best results out of all the contestants who entered our Burn the Fat Challenge (our overall winner for the 7th season of the challenge). The fact that all of these books or programs were best sellers shows that people are buying into it. Despite all this responsibility, I found time to exercise and eat healthy meals, simply by planning my day in advance and looking through all of Tom’s healthy recipes in the Burn the Fat Inner Circle (recipe department). I realized I could be creative as well, and do it any time, including letting the kids join the workout. The bottom line is I creatively managed to fit in training, extra activity and healthy eating with one of the busiest and most stressful lifestyles you can imagine.
But no matter what kind of cardio you do, you’re not seeing the results you want, and you’re not sure why.
If I knew I was going to have to eat out, I made sure there were healthy options for me at the place I chose.
Well, here are eight of the most common reasons why your cardio workouts may not be working and what you should do about it.

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