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This approach has 2 purposes, it means that you’re guaranteed an excess of both good and bad (which when you've been eating chicken and broccoli six times a day for 20 weeks is a nice psychological break) calories.
SO IF WE CONSIDER THE DIFFERENTIAL IN ANABOLIC AND CATABOLIC HORMONES BETWEEN MALES AND FEMALES THIS WOULD EQUATE TO ABOUT A MAXIMUM OF 2.35kg FOR A FEMALE. As a side note I still get ‘I want to build muscle but not too much’ an awful lot in consults…I’m not worried and you shouldn’t be either.  Now take someone who isn't prepared to stick to a diet as strict and rigid as this for the time it takes (that's 95% of us).
Managing Insulin is all about the diet and what we’re looking for is a small spike in most cases, enough to drive those nutrients into tissue, the spike I will talk about later in the article. I’ve covered in a previous article (FORM OVER PERFORMANCE) body types and what a useful tool they are for a basic assessment of dietary requirements. We have three distinct body types characterized by certain traits and dietary considerations.
The hardest part for an Ectomorph or what we 'know' as a hard gainer is the fact that the digestive system is slow and can only deal with a small amount of food at a time. Again with reference to Insulin management an endomorph needs considerably less carbs per feeding than an ectomorph would in order to get a similar insulin response. Now if you're not prepared to pay someone to do this for you and you want to do it successfully, guess what you have some homework to do.
Using what we have above and the baseline of protein that we determined we have now come to a position that gives us the following for three different body types all at 80kg all intent on building mass. As you can see the Ectomorph is consuming a larger number of calories due to the faster metabolic rate.
If you take the post workout away from these figures you’re left with what should be spread over 6-8 meals in the case of the Ectomorph and 5-6 in the case of both the Meso and Endo.
The use of BCAAs during training is once again something I will re-iterate, read my past articles for more info but these are a few of the finer points.
Following on from my ultimate bulking guide I am now going to  put together a pretty comprehensive guide to stripping down that bulk and get that physique out and ready for hitting the beach.
The effectiveness of any nutritional plan is more often than not dictated by the person undertaking it and both their perseverance and willingness to change. Create a deficit of total calories through either a reduction in dietary calories or an increase in fuel (calorie) usage.
My approach for myself and my clients is different to that of most and I guess the reason for me writing this is to express that approach. The three bodytypes endomorphs, ectomorphs and mesomorphs are what we will be starting with at our hormonal and genetic makeup level. In essence this is telling us if we take an ectomorph and they consume 55% of their total caloric intake from carbohydrates they will metabolise it effectively and without gaining excessive fat. This is the point at which people will dispute the information I am about to give you now for various reasons.

The essential nutrients (our body can't create but we have constant jobs for them) proteins and fats can be utilised as carbohydrates should our body need them. This is straight away under the assumption that you will eat only clean foods during this time and stick to the plan. Up until week 7 his body is primed for fat loss, at week 8 it fails and will start to catabolise valuable and metabolically active tissue. If this wasn’t a simple enough reason to understand why conventional dieting (dropping calories) doesn’t work I don't know what is.
The peaks you see weren't because he went off plan they're because of what I like to call metabolic shifts, his body is adapting to new tissue and making adjustments to compositional changes and his ability to use fuel more effectively. Ok, now before you all start getting excited and think that because you’ve spent 7 days dieting or creating a calorie deficit its time to pig out, think again.
If we take a typical western diet that has 3 meals in it with traditionally the biggest meal being in the evening it would mean at some point this person will overeat in order to meet caloric requirements. Most of us aren't competing and knowing full well that you will gain a load of fat but are prepared after that to follow a prolonged (12-20+ weeks) and VERY strict diet isn’t what most of us want.
The key being to consume enough nutrients that the maximum amount of energy can be exerted in the gym and the maximum amount of protein can be turned over as new muscle tissue, it’s a very unstructured way to do it but works ok for most. During the dieting process if done well and intelligently the ratio of fat: muscle loss ends up favorable and a bigger leaner physique is the product! To make insulin work for us depends on the individual but fundamentally it involves consuming carbs and protein together. This coupled with the high metabolic rate means the classical ectomorph will lose almost as much tissue in a year as they gain. Endomorphs need to monitor total calories more than Ectomorphs as they will have a tendency to over consume…and what better excuse than ‘I’m in a BULKING PHASE’.
On non-training days hit the calories the same but adjust each meal to account for what the post workout lost.
I also wished to title this 'the death of the diet' but maybe it’s a little early for that kind of speculation. Our hormonal and genetic makeup define for us how well insulin is managed at a base level and dietary habits influence it from then on in. As diet improves and insulin efficiency improves leptin receptors will in hand be re-sensitised and it now becomes a useful tool in the quest for fat loss and getting cut. This ramps metabolic rate, which remember you have primed and will carry over momentum for 48 or so hours later. Insulin then under the right environment and at the right levels triggers anabolism and delivers the amino acids for protein synthesis (Muscle adaptation).
Our key therefore is to build a diet around an elevated baseline of protein and at minimum a baseline of fats if mass building is our intention.

Ectomorphs need to manage stress and minimize the use of stimulants if muscle mass is their intention.
To get the volume of required nutrients you need to move towards the broken down form of food and supplements more. If we want a steady flow of energy this 55% ratio should be spread evenly throughout the day with a spike in levels only post workout.  In the case of cutting assuming coming from a bulking cycle you will know what those ratios and levels are. He is now ready to cut the fat and maintain mass, being an ectomorph if he gets this wrong he will lose what took him a long time to gain.
If we don't have enough protein our body steals from itself (lean tissue), if we don't have enough dietary fats our body shuts certain systems down. Protein has a large amount of factors as to its turnover rate, hormones, diet and training to name but a few. When dieting this protein intake may go up further as the body tends to oxidize amino acids as an energy source.
Liquid such as whey and oils and suitable meal replacement drinks can fill in the gaps for an ectomorph in an easily digestible format. If not I would take your current diet, log it accurately and see what level you are at right now. If we plan to protect muscle tissue whilst giving the option for the body to use another form of fuel (stored fat) we must maintain an anabolic state and consume above maintenance levels of protein.
He is an ectomorph and has a high carbohydrate tolerance so going much lower wouldn't probably be required. Someone creating a deficit or on a restrictive diet will lower leptin levels, which therefore sends the signal we are starving (red zone). As a reference for those of you that ask the question, John uses no performance enhancing drugs, the relevance of this will become clear later. Not only does this have a major impact on the regulation of sex hormones but in the pursuit of 'getting cut' there is a common and drastic trend to exclude or minimise carbohydrates from the diet below the bodies normal requirements.
Science tells us that after 7 days of restrictive dieting or creating a negative deficit through training (my favourable method) leptin levels drop by about 50%. What I can say for sure is that 1 - 2 days post re-feed my metabolic rate is still racing and I am visually leaner. I haven’t gained more muscle personally than most other people that have weight trained for the past 15 years, I’ve just lost less and my profit is more! The way this works is that the elevation in calories ramps everything up and for a period of 24 - 48 hours later your body is working harder than ever.

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