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Bodyweight bodybuilding, how to get ripped abs in 2 weeks at home - Plans Download

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It was only when I was forced to, when recovering from rotator cuff surgery after too many years of heavy benching, that I explored the options of training with nothing but my own bodyweight. So now, here I was with my arm just out of a sling and I all could do were kneeling pushups and some bodyweight rows from almost a standing position. I became addicted to bodyweight training and was always continually striving to push the progressions and learn new variations of the movements. Eventually I added weights back in because it’s part of who I am but I’ve never looked at bodyweight training the same since.

To this day I still do at least one or two 60-90 day blocks of purely bodyweight training each year where I don’t touch a weight.
Even if you love squats and deadlifts as much as I do you can still benefit from one or two phases per year of pure bodyweight training. This is the ultimate bodyweight only training program for building functional size, strength and athleticism. Because of that I started upping the ante on single leg bodyweight only exercises for the lower body.

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