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Body weight shoulder exercises for mass, weight exercises for arms and shoulders - For Begninners

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The shoulders are a very delicate area and easily prone to injury, jumping into a hardcore circuit out of the gate isn’t the wisest choice.
Dumbbell Shoulder Press To begin the circuit, perform dumbbell shoulder presses to engage the entire shoulder complex with slightly more focus on the front deltoids.
With a slightly wider than shoulder-width overhand grip, perform barbell upright rows to once again stimulate the front deltoid.
Take just five minutes to build the front, sides, and rear of your shoulders for improved upper-body function.

This week, we're highlighting a shoulder circuit that will help you achieve that 3-dimension look. Opting for the wider grip will place more emphasis on the side deltoids rather than engaging the trap muscles in the neck. Raise the plate to slightly above eye level (if you can peak through the hole you have lifted the weight high enough). You should complete this workout in 30 minutes after performing the 3-4 total circuit rounds.

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