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Body weight rows smith machine, burn fat build muscle diet - PDF Review

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INVERTED ROWAdjust the bar of a Smith machine to about waist height, then position your body under it. Substitute: Lat pulldowns also can be performed on plate-loaded (Hammer Strength) or selectorized machines. Substitute: One-arm rows also can be performed with a dumbbell or an isolateral Hammer Strength row machine. Substitute: Pullbacks also can also performed using a low-pulley cable with the same body position.
For instance, pulldowns and pull-ups can be performed with grips wide to narrow, overhand and underhand, and at various different body angles.

Set counts and rep ranges are courtesy of Wilson’s recommendations of slightly higher reps (12 to 15) for “accessory” movements — in this case one-arm cable rows and pullbacks.
Holding on to the bar with an overhand shoulder-width grip, hang straight down with your arms extended, shoulders directly below the bar and your body in a straight line.
Likewise, rows can be done with any number of grips, as well as with virtually any type of equipment — barbells, dumbbells, machines, cable stations, even bodyweight only. Experienced trainees can hold a weight plate across the chest on back extensions for additional resistance; otherwise, bodyweight only is sufficient.
And one more example: Serious, intense back training isn’t reserved for men only, and it’s not just for competitive bodybuilders, either.

Imagine that you’re doing an upside-down push-up and contract your back muscles and bend your elbows to lift your body straight up.

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