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Body fitness exercise videos, dumbbell russian twist - Try Out

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The secret to busting out of a fitness rut is doing something totally out of your comfort zone. For more great workouts like this, be sure to check out our collection of calorie-crushing, strength-building workout videos. Here's a 40-minute video for you to follow, complete with a cardio warmup and stretching cooldown. For each superset—that is, a pair of back-to-back exercises—complete as many reps of the first move as you can (with perfect form) in 30 seconds, then immediately do the same for the second.

We've pulled a few of our favorite videos from 2011 to get your lower body in gear for the holidays.
We have 10 minutes dedicated to your upper body and another 10-minute section to work your gams and glutes.
Without resting, follow each superset with the corresponding cardio interval, doing the exercise of your choice (treadmill, bike, elliptical, or stair stepper). Try Heidi Klum's supermodel sculpting moves and learn a few new exercises by watching the videos below.

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