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Body fat weight lifting, shoulder and chest pain - Plans Download

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So about 2 months more diet to burn off the little belly thats still hanging around then bulk back up to about 190 cleanly and hopefully throw on most of that weight in muscle. In the last year or so I have noticed some of the weight creeping back on and need to get back on a solid plan to make sure I don't get back to what I worked so hard to change.
I now weigh 210 and am feeling pretty bummed that all that hard work is now 50% slipped away.
I think its good because my joints and body is now very used to lifting often and when I pick up the calories I think the mass should come on fairly easily.

But here I am again trying to come up with a support structure and plan that is going to allow me to get my weight back down and a realistic plan to maintain.
Once all the fat is gone I'll step it up to about 3000 calories and hopefully have an easier time gaining muscle.
About 6.5 months of solid DIET!!!, cardio, and really good weight training since mid December. The belly fat is very stubborn but 6 months in I think its very reasonable that I would still have some fat left.

At 10% body fat I don't plan on any belly fat being there and maybe a little ab showing through.

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