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Body fat caliper, best way to get cut abs fast - Try Out

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To accurately track your progress when starting a weight loss or weight management program, you may want to consider calculating and monitoring your body fat percentage.
While it's possible to calculate your body fat percentage by hand when using a girth measurement, there's no need to do that with the invention of the Internet.
Skinfold testing is similar to girth measurements because you're measuring a number of sites on your body and using an equation to estimate total fat percentage based on these measurements. Testers should instruct you how to stand, locate the test site, then use their fingers to "pinch" the layer of subcutaneous fat away from the underlying muscle.
Continuing to hold the skin with his fingers, the tester takes the first measurement with the calipers, releases the skin completely, then repeats the process again.
Before calculating body fat percentage, the tester will average each of the test site's scores to reduce inaccuracies caused by human error.
The tester will use predetermined calculations or a computer system to assess your body fat percentage. Like the girth measurements, skinfold testing is most helpful when tracking changes in body composition over time. BIA analysis is one of the most user-friendly systems for assessing body fat, but its accuracy is dependent on a number of factors, and at best is only accurate to within three percent.

For a truly accurate reading of your body fat percentage, along with other measurements like your bone mineral density, check with your local hospital or university to see if they provide DXA body fat analysis. Unlike body weight or body mass index (BMI), which simply assess your size, body fat percentage analyzes what's going on inside your body, comparing your fat mass to your lean tissues.
Overall, girth measurements are accurate to within two and a half to four percent when performed correctly, and they're especially helpful for tracking changes in body fat distribution.
Using the tool provided on BrianMac, measure the girth of three body sites based on your age and gender.
Most caliper tests involve either three or seven sites including everything from your triceps to your waist, thigh, back and calf. The way BIA works is fairly simple: fat-free mass like muscle, water and bone are all excellent electrical conductors, whereas fat conducts electricity more slowly. The idea is fairly simple: denser bodies composed of more muscle and less fat will weigh more underwater than bodies with more fat and less fat-free mass. This means you can run a tiny electric current through a person, and based on how fast the current travels through the body, you can get an approximation of the person's body fat percentage. You simply lie on your back on a table while two low-energy x-ray beams pass over your body over a 12-minute period.

After taking your measurements, plug your numbers into the tool (make sure you're taking your measurements in centimeters, not inches) and press "calculate." The result will be helpful in determining your general body fat range and will help you monitor progress over time. Many personal trainers have been given nominal training on using skinfold calipers, so make sure you ask how the individual was trained and how many assessments he has performed before completely trusting the result. This is one of the most accurate tests available, and when performed correctly, determines body fat percentage to within one and a half percent. Computers reconstruct the x-ray beams to provide an accurate depiction of the underlying tissues, providing you an actual image of your bone, fat and fat-free mass.
Individuals who have undergone training at a university or research center or who have performed numerous tests are more likely to use the calipers correctly.

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