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Therefore it is very important to choose the best gym workout exercises which will be the most effective in strength building of our muscles. All gym workout exercises are divided into two major categories: compound (‘multi-joint’) exercises and isolated (‘single-joint’) ones. Squats are the example of a classic compound ‘multi-joint’ exercise because it involves several joints (both knee joint and coxofemoral one) work at once. It’s clear that if you construct your own gym workout routine of compound exercises you will gain a lot from the point of time and energy saving. Lots of beginners make this typical mistake – they ignore compound exercises in the gym and concentrate on isolation ones. Isolation workout exercises engage only one muscle; they are performed on gym exercise machines and with dumbbells. Here we can be confused a little because not all compound exercises appear to be multi-joint ones. You need to remember one important thing: compound exercises are the best choice for everyone who want to build muscles. There are a lot of bodybuilding exercises and, consequently, there are lots of exercise movements styles.
If you’re are a beginner – consider yourself to be very lucky because in the very beginning of your training positive movement gym exercise will be more than enough for muscle growth.

Purposeful retarding of muscle exercise during the negative phase will lead to the situation when energy will be spend not only on the weight lifting but on its lowering as well; and that will increase average set intensity. Drawing conclusions, I can say that each exercise movement type and performance speed is good and effective in its way and has the right to obtain a certain place in your workout program.
Then our body reacts by building up the muscles in order to became stronger and handle the extra loads and stress.
And it’s especially sad because for beginners exactly compound exercises are the most important means for development of all muscles. For example, Barbell Curls are considered a compound exercise though, when performing it correctly, only one joint (elbow joint) is involved.
At the same time energy expenditure will be taking place mostly during weight lifting while it will be replenished during the reverse movement and rest in the lowest and highest points of the exercise trajectory. When we cut down rest duration between exercise reps (uninterrupted movement) we increase the speed of energy expenditure even more. You, being a beginner, shouldn’t concentrate on injury-dangerous negative and ‘explosive’ exercise movements. When we perform gym exercises, thereby we force our body to adapt to a new loads, and our muscles become more strong, The size depends at strength. So by gradually increasing the workload in gym exercises we put on our muscles will become bigger and stronger.

As a rule, their performance requires activity of several joints and great physical efforts of the whole body.
Stick to middle speed and positive movement emphasis in the beginning; watch carefully the way you perform gym exercise and you’ll definitely succeed.
That’s why compound exercises appear to be the core of the core of strength training and the main part of any gym exercise program for muscle building.
Still, it’s a tradition to call all basic gym exercises (according to their effectiveness) compound ones. But even this situation isn’t the limit of exercise intensity: if you increase workout weight significantly and lift it with the help of your spotter but lower it on your own (negative reps) you’ll be able to reach the maximum intensity level of this set.
That’s why the speed of energy use (average set intensity) should regularly increase in gym exercises from one workout to another.
A beginner’s muscles will hurt a lot after a workout exercises at which he was sticking exclusively to positive movements; but professional athletes can get muscles micro-injuries only if they use muscle exercise techniques aimed at set intensity increase (for example, negative reps).
It’s possible to achieve intensity increase not only by increasing apparatus weights but also by changing the movement performance biomechanics in muscle exercise.

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