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Body bar exercises for glutes, metabolic resistance training bodyweight - How to DIY

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Tip: To protect your lumbar spine, maintain a vertical posture throughout the range of exercise. Tip: Stabilize yourself by holding on to the doorknob, and keep your body vertical throughout each set. Option: You can also do this move in the gym using the low-pulley cable apparatus (of a crossover machine, for instance) attached to an ankle cuff. Two-Dumbbell Plie Squat (variation two): By moving the weight (the dumbbells) into a higher plane, you can effectively reduce the stress on your lumbar spine, work your abs and core more intensely and involve more quadriceps than glutes muscles.
Body Bar (or barbell) plie squat (variation 3): With feet in the plie position, hold a bar across your traps and shoulders, and position your elbows directly beneath the bar, keeping them below it throughout the squat.

Add any of the following at the end of your lower-body workout, either before or after you've done your adductor move, going for three to four sets of 10 reps per leg per set. Set Up: Lying on an exercise mat, bend your left knee and place your foot flat on the floor. Note: Your supporting leg may drift outward a bit to allow for greater stability and balance. Position a Body Bar along the length of your extended leg, putting one end across your foot while grasping the other end with your free hand for stability. When you use this exercise as part of your routine, do only two additional sets of another adductor exercise (for 10 reps per set per leg) at the end of your lower-body workout.

Maintaining a natural arch in your lower back and keeping your shoulders back to aid your form, squat until the hamstrings are parallel to the floor. Extend your right leg directly over your hip girdle, and, while holding one end of the exercise band with your left hand (positioned at your abdominal area), loop the band around your foot (as shown), grasping the other end of the band with your right hand, which is then extended out to the side of the body. Your elbows should be forward, slightly away from the torso to allow for greater exercise stability and control of the weights as you descend.

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