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Board press, how to get abs in 3 minutes for kids - Test Out

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The 3 Board Press is also a great way to control the range of motion if you are dealing with shoulder and pec injuries.
The 4 Board Floor Press is performed just like a regular 4 Board Press except that you are lying on the floor. The chain press is a max effort movement to help develop the lockout power of the bench press. The 5 Board Press, along with the 4 Board Press, is one of of the best ways to increase lockout strength for your bench press.
To perform a 5 Board Press, place 5 2x6 boards on your chest, bring the bar into the boards, let it sink into the boards (slightly) and press back up. The 5 Board Floor Press is performed just like a regular 5 Board Press except that you are lying on the floor.

To perform the 2 Board, all you need is a 2 Board Press (this is 2 2x6 boards) placed on the chest. Many times it is hard to find someone to train with and this can be especially difficult when you need a spot or someone to hold the boards when performing a board press. The cambered bar bench press is one of the best ways to increase the strength off of your chest. The 4 Board Press is generally used as a supplemental lockout exercise and is especially useful when doing multiple sets of 3-5 reps. The 3 Board Press is one of the front runners for all time best max effort movements for the development of the bench press. To perform this exercise, all you need is a one board (a 2x6 works perfectly) and a regular bench.

For most the 3 board press will position the bottom of the lift (when the bar hits the boards) just out of the pec region of the bench press.
You need to let the bar sink into the boards, but don't use that momentum to cheat your weights up.
After adding in three board presses for reps they increased their top end strength to match the bottom and strength and the net results was a hundred pound personal record.

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