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Bloated stomach causes of bloating, how to get abs of steel fast - For You

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Bloating of the stomach is caused when gas is unable to get expelled from the system by flatulence or burping. Certain fruits like pears, apples and peaches also should be avoided if you tend to bloat easily as they also add to bloating. After you have eaten your meals don’t lie down to rest immediately as this could also aggravate you’re bloating.
STUDIES suggest that 70 percent of people suffer from bloating but fewer than 1 in 3 know how to beat it.
BATTLING a bloated belly has become a daily struggle affecting nearly three-quarters of Brits.

Furthermore the only thing worse than having a bloated stomach is when there seems to be nothing on hand that can help bring you relief. Apart from being uncomfortable there are times when bloating in the stomach causes quite a lot of pain. Bloating symptoms are worsened with fatty foods so avoid or reduce them as they take longer to get digested. This air sometimes causes the stomach to get bloated and leaves you feeling choked up and uncomfortable. Bloating can be caused due to various reasons such as your stress levels and more commonly due to the kind of food that you eat.

Eating diet foodsOne of the biggest hidden sources of bloating is the artificial sweeteners found in sugar-free foods. Too much fruitIt may be good for our general health but fructose – the sugar in fruit – can be a bloating culprit for certain people who have problems absorbing fructose in their small intestine.
Not drinking enough waterIt may seem illogical but dehydration is a common cause of a distended belly, as it makes the body fear a shortage and start to retain water.

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