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Black sails watch episode 4, tips to losing weight in college - Reviews

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The highlight of Black Sails Season 2 Episode 4 was of course, Captain's Flint and Vane fighting over the fort that protects the island. So far this season, each episode has propelled the story forward delivering a powerful hour of television. As always, remember you can watch Black Sails online via TV Fanatic if you need to catch up. Everyone is a monster to someone in the Season 2 trailer for Starz’ pirate drama Black Sails. If bigger is better, Starz’ Treasure Island prequel, Black Sails, oughta be pretty darn see-worthy. I guess the episode was centred on setting up the rest of the season, moving things into position. There appears to be a great divide between what I think is interesting about a pirate show and what Black Sails showrunner Jonathan Steinberg thinks is interesting about a pirate show.

In order to strike fear into other men's hearts, the site of the black sail must inspire fear and obedience. The ongoing pre-pirate Flint storyline is fascinating, I could watch a whole season of just that! And after the third and now fourth episodes, I'm just taking the show's word that these people are actually pirates. We have sailed together, we've killed together, we have shared things you couldn't begin to imagine.
And as Flint said, a clean boat will be able to gain a few knots and turn sharper when it's in the water, and yes, speed and maneuverability are key to successful plundering. These pirates were cleaning a boat! And the other big plot of the episode involved the continued plan to secure some guns from the soon-to-be-arriving Captain Bryson, and after much long-winded and fake-suspenseful debate, Bryson agreed to hand 'em over. A pirate wore sunglasses in the last episode, for Pete's sake, so I think we as viewers have accepted the fact that Black Sails isn't the most accurate portrayal of sea bandits.

And conveniently, Morley—one of the sailors who'd been talking mad smack about Flint—was also there. It was one of the best scenes since the pilot, and when all was said and done, Flint walked out with most of Randall.
But I will say this, Starz seemed pretty eager to send out the next two episodes, so maybe things will pick up in "V" and "VI." Or maybe we'll follow Flint around New Providence as he does some last-minute shopping and gets his boots shined.

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