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Bikini fitness videos, abs workout for women beginners - Within Minutes

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Dallitza Perez is a NPC National Bikini Competitor & Prime Nutrition Athlete who is looking to break into fitness modelling and the health and fitness world. She has over 50,000 followers on her instagram page where she posts updates of her gym progress and workout videos. Below are some of the best fitness and bodybuilding videos from Dallitza’s instagram page! Recommended For You Fitness Model & Personal Trainer Dizzy_Fitness Lower Body Instagram Training Videos!
When you think of a bikini contest, the image of a great-grandmother is not the first thing that springs to mind.

But for one 64-year-old fitness fanatic from Los Angeles, California, a recent victory over her perky twenty-something rivals at the FitSciences Championships was just another notch on her belt. The sexagenarian, who calls herself a health expert and fitness guru, is a familiar face on the body-building and fitness competition circuit and most recently picked up two winning shields at the Atlanta, Georgia competition. Other categories in the contest hosted by the healthy lifestyle management company, were Fit Mom, Female Fitness Model, Bikini Spokesmodel and Junior Fitness Spokesmodel.
After having four children and seeing how precious life could be when she lost family to cholesterol complications and diabetes, she upped the ante and fitness became not just a priority but her life. Though a post dated 2008 claims she ran a gym in Canoga Park, Los Angeles, Ruby’s Fitness Gym proved an elusive establishment, untraceable on the web.

Dallitza has a sculpted mid-section and plans to compete in more bikini competitions this year!

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