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Bigger faster stronger workout percentages, bench press routine - For You

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If your training is so hard, and ran at such high percentages that you rarely allow supercompensation to take place, then basically you're literally working hard for nothing. I made a point to mention guys I know, that train super heavy all the time and will tell you "that's how you get strong".
So a lot of strong guys do get stronger pushing the boundaries of training hard, and the intensities. Once you put in the weight you lifted and the number of reps, I grab the percentage that is at the index in the array that matches the number of reps.

After that it cycles through the array and multiplies the 1RM weight by the percentages at each index.
The following are a few of the many types of wrist rollers available from Rogers to Get Strong.
So I found a better way - a way that allowed me to not train as hard and still get STRONGER.
After it calculates what you should lift in your next workout based on which weight increase percentage you selected.

Early morning workouts must be well thought out and scheduled to ensure that athletes are getting adequate sleep and peak performance.
Coaches need to consider sleep if they want to Get and keep their athletes healthy and Strong.

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