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Big lats without pull ups, quickest way to lose body fat and gain muscle - For Begninners

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It seems that far too many people believe that in order to make your lats and back wider you should use extremely wide grip during pull-ups. As you can see at the end position the elbow during a wide grip pull-up is far away from the torso and since the function of the lat is to bring the upper arm down and close to the body there is less lat involvement and your back will not get as wide.On top of that using extra wide grip will put too much strain on the rotator cuff muscles and nobody needs or wants that.
Body weight exercises like the pushup, crunch, and pull-up have a plateau that begin and end with your body weight. It is generally lower reps with high weights that promote muscle growth, and without increasing the weight you work out with pull-ups are not going to increase the size of your lats. Before you add weight to your pull-ups, make sure you can achieve 10 strict pull-ups without weights first. Slow pull-ups with proper technique and enough weight to keep your body struggling to adapt to the load is the optimal way to make those lats grow like Lee’s. For home workouts, pullups are the #1 most important exercise for lats and there is no substitute! Here is how to do pullups with added resistance when the basic pullup is not challenging enough.
Stand on a stepstool so you are within reach of the bar, put the stepstool about 18″ behind the pullup bar so its not in the way once you start doing pullups. Grab the dumbbell and squeeze it between your thighs, you might need to put some 2.5 pound plates on the inside of the dumbbells to make the gap between the 10lb plates wider so its easier to grip with big thighs. With the weight squished between your legs, reach up and grab the pullup bar in the desired position and if you are using lifting straps, attach them as you normally would. Pull-ups alone make a fantastic lat workout and give you a wide back.  When you are an advanced bodybuilder searching for more exercises for your lats, the pullover is a great one!
If you have an injured elbow, wrist or hand its very difficult to workout your lats but here is a great, safe,  alternative. If you train your back two days a week, you may want to make one of the days a pull-up only day and do enormous amount of pull-ups at home.

The lats are stretched more at the bottom position than if you were to do a wide grip pull-up.
When you have reached a level of fitness allowing you to perform a large number of reps of your own body weight without much struggle—say, 15 pull-ups—that’s amazing! Doing those pull-ups without extra resistance simply will not promote significant change in muscle size. Another easy way to add weight to your pull-up is with a dip belt, especially when you want to go for maximum weight. If the dip belt is pulling on your spine and hurting your lower back, then switch to the medicine ball.
There are two types of lat exercises, those where you pull perpendicular to your body (like in rows) and those where you pull in line with your body (like pullups).
Slowly pull yourself upward without swinging or kicking, try to take a full two seconds to move upward. If you are doing this over a pullup bar like I am in these photos, you need to raise your body up to one side of the bar, then the other.
The best grip for hitting the latissimus dorsi and developing strong lats is the extra close grip. If you want lats that spread outward giving your upper body that desirable V-shape, you must start adding weight to your pull-ups.
I have to concentrate on holding the ball with my legs with squeezing, and because of this I was taking my time as I performed the pull-up so as not to drop the ball. If the medicine ball keeps dropping, stop yourself from rushing and take your time; one slow perfectly performed pull-up is more beneficial to your muscles than 10 sloppy pull-ups.
The king of the lat exercises is the pullup and it can give you that wide cobra-like flare faster than any other exercise. The torso is completely supported by the bench and the pull is symmetrical, that is, you pull evenly with both hands at the same time.

The range of motion on this exercise is rather limited but it still is a killer workout for the lats. My first experience with weighted pull-ups involved holding a 5-lb medicine ball between my legs and doing several pull-ups. The result was a more concentrated pull-up that really isolated and worked my lats more than I had ever experienced with body weight pull-ups.
If I could only do two exercises, I would choose pushups and pullups – they are that important. If basic pullups are too easy for you, this is a good way to make those lats work even harder. Slowly over a 2 second count pull the weight up to your hip while keeping your elbow close to your body and your shoulder stationary.
As with all rowing type exercises for lats, you pull the weight up toward the hip, not the shoulder.
If you don’t have a place to do pullups now, a doorway mount pullup bar is a good option. You cant stretch your way to a big chest anymore than you can become taller by hanging upside in gravity inversion boots all day long.
Pull-ups are actually a very difficult exercise to do as it is very difficult to lift your entire weight unless you are very strong and lean. This is an exercise predominately for your lats but it does work rear delts, tris, and a bit of pecs too.

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