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Biceps curl muscles, bodybuilding - Try Out

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Curl the weight upward (usually rotating the forearm so that the palm is facing outward before the forearm is horizontal), while exhaling throughout the movement. So, to emphasize the biceps brachii, keep your forearm supinated (so that your thumb is pointed outward, i.e. Many people can raise their elbows (forward) at the top of the curl movement without becoming injured, though by raising the elbows the anterior deltoids become far more involved.

To self-spot on curls, simply use your free hand to gently help (via touch spot) the working arm to raise the weight when it becomes too difficult to lift unassisted. Bending your wrist in either direction (upward or downward) removes focus from the intended muscle, the biceps, and creates vulnerability to injury (elbow or wrist). In the case of curls, keeping the hand position neutral is the "hammer curl" variety of curls.

However, there are experts who claim that raising the elbow(s) forward allows for a fuller contraction of the biceps.

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