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Best workout videos youtube, how to get 6 pack abs - For Begninners

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If Zuzana's chiseled abs alone aren't enough to inspire you, then you'll love Bodyrock.tv for their creative moves, basic equipment, and short but very intense workouts.
Michael Schiemer specializes in giving you the best workout for your buck—or in this case, no money at all!
MyOMy Fitness promises "extreme home fitness workouts," and it delivers with creative kettlebell and body-weight exercises to build strength and burn fat. Scott Herman's wildly popular YouTube channel offers serious advice and seriously hardcore strength workouts. If you love group fitness classes like Zumba and step aerobics but can't afford the gym fees, Jenny Ford posts free, full-length cardio videos filmed and delivered with a professional flare.

Craig Ballantyne was one of the first fitness professionals to advocate high-intensity training for fat burning, so it's not surprising that his Turbulence Training videos offer a variety of short interval workouts. Frugal Fitness TV offers a wide selection of at-home strength workouts that require minimal equipment. Cassey Ho of Blogilates offers short, free Pilates videos that can either be done alone to target a specific area or strung together to make a full Pop Pilates workout.
But even if you live in the frozen wasteland (like I do!), you can still take advantage of their intense, free workouts. On his YouTube channel, not only do you get free workouts pulled from his training experience, but you also get valuable fitness advice (and not as much yelling as you'd think!).

You can string several workouts together or add one to your normal routine for an extra dose of fat burning. With thousands of videos covering everything from healthy eating to body image to free workouts, it's easy to find something that piques your interest. Bonus: Unlike many YouTube channels, Freddy shoots high-quality video and Zuzana is great at both explaining and demonstrating.

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