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Best work out videos, shoulder push ups wall - Reviews

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I have combined Insanity and P90X together to be able to use the best of both in my workouts. Both these home workout DVD programs are solid, so you need to determine if your goal is to get Lean and Fit (Insanity) or Strong and Ripped (P90X).
Thanks for taking the time to visit Best Workout DVDs and showing interest in my background. Regularly tracking your progress will help keep you motivated and on the path to your best. To sculpt your best legs, Nicole recommends a high-intensity lower body circuit day, in addition to a more traditional weight-training day.
When it comes to shaping your best body, the butt and legs are definitely priority targets. The Insanity Fit Test seemed to be more concerned with setting a baseline to measure progress, and the P90X Fit Test was to determine if the person is in the right shape to attempt the P90X Workout.

In this episode, Nicole explains why the scale isn’t always the best indicator of progress and shows you what you should be measuring! In this episode, Nicole demonstrates how to master the lat pulldown and hte pull-up.  Check out this video and start shaping your best body TODAY!
Working your arms differently than your standard free weight training, the cable machine will shock your muscles and speed your progress.
Tending to store fat in these areas, ladies must work extra hard to get the glutes and back of the legs fit and firm.
The Insanity Workout is a balance between cardio and strength training, so Insanity dishes out both cardio and strength training daily which is a good balance if you want to get lean and fit. Without enough of the correct fuel for your body, you will not be able to recover from these extreme workouts that you are putting your body through daily. I recommend that you purchasing a higher quality DVD case to store the disks because you will be taking them in and out of the case daily to use for the workouts.

The P90X workout is more strength training with a couple of cardio days throughout the week, but the most of the workouts target muscle building which will lead to getting strong and ripped. The cardboard will be break down over time due to daily use which could lead to your DVDs being left out unprotected over time. I have noticed that Insanity seems to be a very similar workout day when comparing Insanity vs P90X.

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