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All that being said, I do take some supplements myself, and I’m going to show you which ones I do take. So there you have it, my no BS guide to the top supplements for losing fat and building muscle. You’ll notice there are no fat burner pills, or special muscle building powders on this list.
I want to take some other supplements that might help my metabolism, and build lean muscle mass and help to lose weight.
And What Supplyments would help me im putting in the work at home lifting weight but my recovery is slow and i feel weak when training after a few set off weights i need to tone up and lose the fat can u help me out please!! I was wondering if you can help me figure out another performance stack, which includes building muscle, and losing fat and having a nice lean look still.
There are a lot of supplements out there touting claims from extreme fat loss to extreme muscle gain.

But first, I want to explain what a supplement is supposed to be, because over time they have started to be used as a replacement for good nutrition.
So don’t take any chances, save your money, and stick to the supplements that your body needs, and use proper diet and exercise to achieve your wants. You can of course supplement the iron separately, or just make sure to get enough in your diet.
As I talked about in The Only 2 Essential Macronutrients, protein and fat (specifically essential fatty acids) are the only two macronutrients that our bodies cannot manufacture, and need to be ingested from our diets. Just understand that most people are deficient in essential fatty acids, and supplementing is an easy way to get what’s required. Some worked and some didn’t, but what I found later in life was that all those supplements were being used as a crutch for a sub par diet. If you use supplements for what they are supposed to be used for – to supplement a good diet, they can greatly complement your fitness program.

You must be eating EFAs if you want to maintain your health, let alone optimize your fat burning potential. Obviously diets most important, but I am not fat what at all, but want to stay lean, and lose more fat and gain muscle. Your body converts the EFAs it gets from plant sources and converts it to the longer chain fatty acids – DHA and EPA. Fat soluble vitamins can be stored for a period of time, however, water soluble vitamins need to be ingested or supplemented daily because they are not readily stored.

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